When They Realize They’ve Overplayed Their Hand

     …they immediately try to squelch conversation about it – “they” being the anti-American Left, of course. One aspect of that is the denigration of any group that coalesces around the salient they’ve misguidedly created. Such a group is in the news today:

     To its members, it’s a grassroots army of “joyful warriors” who “don’t co-parent with the government.”

     To anti-hate researchers, it’s a well-connected extremist group that attacks inclusion in schools.

     And to Republicans vying for the presidency, it has become a potential key partner in the fight for the 2024 nomination.

     There’s a clear giveaway of the intent of the AP “reporter” in those three sentences: Moms For Liberty is a “hate group.” And Republican-aligned, oh dear! But the smearing gets even more dramatic as you read into the article:

     The high interest in the event underscores how fights surrounding gender and race have become core issues for Republican voters. It also spotlights Republicans’ eagerness to embrace a group that has drawn backlash for spreading anti-LGBTQ+ ideas and stripping libraries and classrooms of diverse material….

     It has expanded its activism in local school districts to target books it says are inappropriate or “anti-American,” ban instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity, require teachers to disclose students’ pronouns to parents, and remove diversity, equity and inclusion programs from schools….

     Maurice Cunningham, a former political science professor at the University of Massachusetts-Boston who has tracked Moms for Liberty’s growth and relationships, said its ability to draw so many top Republican candidates to its second annual summit is a testament to its establishment support.

“Yes, there are certainly moms that live in their communities and so forth who are active,” Cunningham said. “But this is a top down, centrally controlled operation with big-money people at the top and political professionals working for them.”…

     Even as Moms for Liberty has aligned with establishment Republicans, researchers say its activism is part of a new wave of far-right anti-student inclusion efforts around the country.

     The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate and extremism around the country, designated Moms for Liberty as an “anti-government extremist” group in its annual report released last week, along with 11 other groups it said use parents’ rights as a vehicle to attack public education and make schools less welcoming for minority and LGBTQ+ students.

     The label comes after some of the group’s leaders and chapter chairs have been accused of harassing community members and amplifying false claims related to gender controversies….

     “They’re so loud and so aggressive that people are kind of scared into silence,” Defense of Democracy founder Karen Svoboda said of Moms for Liberty.

     The ironic part is how open is the hatred felt by the Left, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Democrat-handpuppet Associated Press toward Moms For Liberty. They want that group destroyed – a good indicator that the Moms are doing something effective.

     Matt Walsh, already a celebrated figure on the Right, said as much yesterday in one of his videos:

     As Walsh says in the above, the Left chooses its targets according to those targets’ effectiveness. A nationwide group with 120,000 members is plainly a force of high importance, especially since prominent politicians and other public figures are openly bidding for its support. Therefore, the word goes out: These people are dangerous to us. We must silence them by any means necessary. If we can’t shut them down completely, we must blacken their reputation. Call up our pet commentators and PR marionettes and give them urgent marching orders to that effect.

     And it is so.

     If you learn that you’ve been attacked by some important element of our ideological enemies, glory in it: you’re plainly doing something right. Minor players get little or no attention. By taking you on, they’ve said by implication that you are not minor.

     When I wrote this piece, it was out of the hope – not the certainty – that I was correct about the LGBTQ crap being the Left’s bridge too far. The AP smear piece cited here suggests that my hopes were not mistaken. Bang that drum whenever the moment is right, for their overreach has given us what’s perhaps our best weapon against them.


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    • Evil Franklin on June 15, 2023 at 7:02 AM

    As I’ve written and said before, Agree and Amplify.

    However, never speak to the press.

    Evil Franklin

    • Ark Builders on June 15, 2023 at 8:40 AM

    As Paul J Watson said, you are the marginalized minority when your flag is flying from the white house and downtown London looks like a Nuremberg rally with “pride” flags.
    Comrade Lefty is Long March left hand path servant of Satan since at least the time of Karl Marx.

  1. […] As Matt Walsh has already noted, the Usurpers and their allies prioritize their targets according to those targets’ effectiveness. Tucker Carlson is very effective; that’s why the Usurpers coerced FOX into canning him. Oh, perhaps some high executives at FOX were in sympathy with the dismissal, but there’s no question that it has cost the corporation dearly and will continue to do so. Now that Carlson’s opinions are unconstrained by any corporate master, his effectiveness is rising to height no previous commentator has ever achieved. I hope someone is watching his back…someone on our side, that is. […]

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