Tucker And The Regime

     If there’s anyone in the Commentariat who should feel the crosshairs settling on his forehead, it’s Tucker Carlson.

     After Carlson’s inexplicable dismissal from FOX News, many of his regular viewers were worried about what would become of him. He was highly valued. He went as far as anyone in commercial media could in saying exactly what he thought. Commercial media, of course, must retain the good will of the licensing authorities to continue. As money is the prime determinant of commercial decision-making, even one as forthright as Carlson would know that his expression must abide by certain limits.

     But with no support from any commercial venture, Carlson is free to say what he likes. His most recent video production goes well beyond anything he would have been allowed to say on-air as a FOX News commentator:

     (Yes, I’ve downloaded it in case it’s “disappeared.”)

     There is no subtlety left in the struggle for power over us. Whistleblowers of several varieties have already been “removed.” You’ll hear little or nothing about that from the mainstream media. “Our representatives” in Congress won’t address their disappearances. They’re terrified of being made to follow them into the darkness. The Usurpers have decided that there are no longer any rules.

     Yet we sit here idle.

     The Republic isn’t just dead; it’s decayed to ashes. We may have the weapons and the skill we require, but we haven’t the will. The demonstration is before you.

As Matt Walsh has already noted, the Usurpers and their allies prioritize their targets according to those targets’ effectiveness. Tucker Carlson is very effective; that’s why the Usurpers coerced FOX into canning him. Oh, perhaps some high executives at FOX were in sympathy with the dismissal, but there’s no question that it has cost the corporation dearly and will continue to do so. Now that Carlson’s opinions are unconstrained by any corporate master, his effectiveness is rising to height no previous commentator has ever achieved. I hope someone is watching his back…someone on our side, that is.

     But no matter how well protected a man is, a Regime that’s determined to get him will manage to do so. It comes down to costs, in the extended sense:

  • Monetary cost;
  • Damage to key personnel;
  • Extent of any collateral damage;
  • Damage to the Regime’s public image;
  • Probability of an uprising against the Regime.

     Should the aggregate damage to the Regime rise to a height it finds worth the price of suppressing Carlson – or anyone else – it will “sign the check.” The destruction of lives, careers, and peripheral matters will be bounded only by whatever unknowable measure of self-restraint the Regime’s decision-makers possess.

     Keep the above list of factors in mind. Pray for Tucker Carlson and those he loves. The men who control the Usurper Regime are not known for allowing his degree of vocal opposition for very long.