The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

First, the Good:

  • I’m definitely seeing improvement in my arm mobility. PT is hard work, and the day after, I’m often wiped out. But, I’m seeing steady progress.
  • I also had some time to talk to my PT assistant. He’s a very sharp young man, making plans to pay down his student loans, and is also planning to move to Hawaii. When I expressed concern about the cost of living, he told me that he’d already bought a 4-acre lot. Not enough to make a fortune, but certainly enough to be self-sufficient for food, which was his goal. He’s planning to utilize the sun to power his home, and to build for passive energy. He seems to have a level head on his shoulders, and I wish him well – at least, after I complete my recovery.
  • At present, all the family is healthy and in good spirits. And, my husband is making a trip south to clear out a storage locker, get rid of what’s not needed (and, he has a better sense of what that is, now that he’s faced with the work of moving it here), and bring back the rest. I’m not in good enough shape to travel long distances just yet, so I’m working at home, on cleaning and organizing, getting the house ready for the delivery of our family room furniture (a recliner love seat and a separate recliner for me – with the controls on a cord, so I can use either hand, should I have trouble with a limb again). I am SO looking forward to the delivery!
  • We’ve been organizing the home upgrades and repairs, which – thankfully – we now have the extra cash to pay for. One that I finally agreed to was a stair chairlift for the basement. By the time it’s installed, I shouldn’t need it, but my husband would find it easier, and we have other, equally aging family who would benefit. Plus, it would make getting the laundry upstairs much easier.

The Bad:

  • Despite the good news from the Supreme Court, the Left seems resolute about driving their enemies into penury, jail, and/or complete removal from public life. Gotta hope Trump has a trick up his sleeve in The Case of the “Secret Files” (sounds like a Perry Mason title, doesn’t it?).
  • Don’t expect the next election to save you. Never underestimate just how vicious the Left will be when the likelihood of power slipping out of their hands draws near.
  • The J6 holdouts on plea-bargaining still remain in jail, even though most have not been convicted (which does appear likely with a DC jury, as we have seen). If you have a few extra bucks, toss it their way. No one should experience the pressure they, and their families, are going through.
  • The Left is charging ahead with plans to declare victory in the next election, no matter how the citizens vote. Consider wearing red in the next elections, and take a selfie for social media after you vote. Let’s mob the Left with a sea of red.

The Ugly:

  • Violence continues with the Left striking out with nary a protest by the cops. Churches and pro-life centers are vandalized, but the only ones getting arrested are those Christians that peacefully protest.
  • If you haven’t laid in alternative means of heating/cooling your house, get on it. Electricity shortages are virtually guaranteed the next time the Green Grid hits high demand. We have gas, a kerosene heater, updated insulation, draft ‘dodgers’, extra blankets, and a house that is NOT open plan – we have the ability to shut off part of the house, to conserve on our energy needs. We’ve also laid in some power packs, and will be looking at solar for our planned greenhouse.
  • Same with stocking up. The latest critical shortage is cancer treatment drugs. I bought CRUNCHY peanut butter last week, for the first time in over 6 months – it’s just not been available. With the UPS in Europe threatening a strike, I’m reminded that, for many, starvation is possible once their stored food is gone. Priorities: water, soap, first aid supplies, necessary medications, emergency communication tools, some way of lighting your home and the path when you are out, and, of course, food (protein is relatively cheap right now – tuna, canned meat, and the ubiquitous peanut butter). Add other suggestions in the comments.
  • Don’t forget to keep some cash on hand. It could be the difference between being able to bug out or not. IF the digital system holds out, a reloadable debit card could also have value.

Stay safe, enjoy the holiday, and come back ready to Work to Restore our Country!