Pretending As Policy

     You’ve probably seen this cartoon:

     While it originated during the Obama years, it expresses today’s theme in a particularly striking way.

     America’s cities are in a state of chaos. Crime of all sorts is exploding. The American food supply is being threatened with restrictions in the name of “climate change.” (Of course, that’s already happened to the American energy supply.) Perverts have been granted free access to American “public” schoolchildren. District attorneys are refusing to prosecute felons. Judges are releasing persons indicted for felonies – persons with substantial criminal records – without bail. Governors are defying explicit Supreme Court rulings. The economy is tottering due to outrageous government spending. The dollar is being destroyed by inflation. Our armed forces are steadily being disarmed. (Disarmed forces?) The current occupant of the White House, a habitual liar in the throes of senile dementia, is shoveling our money at a kleptocrat in the name of “democracy,” while the “Justice” Department strains to imprison his chief political opponent.

     The American social order is crumbling. The United States has fallen as a Constitutional matter. By the usual standards, it’s a “failed state.” But we’re not supposed to talk about it. The major media don’t even hint at it. The idea seems to be that if we can only be persuaded to pretend that none of the above (and a lot more) is happening, everything will be fine.

     Where do you stand, Gentle Reader?


     There’s been heightened interest in my fiction recently. It’s not the kind of interest I’d have expected, but an obscure indie writer has to take what he can get. The feedback has been gratifying. I just wish it had a more positive tone.

     Readers have been writing to me to ask, “This Onteora County of yours: where is it? You did base it on a real place, didn’t you? Do you live there, or are you planning to move there?” One email of that sort would be good for a laugh. A slew of them sends a chill through me.

     No, Onteora County is purely a figment of my imagination. I’d love to be able to say otherwise, but it’s not so. There is no hidden reserve of heroes and geniuses soon to be let loose upon the nation to dispense justice, bind wounds, and set things to rights. The tales I’ve sited there are merely entertainments, with a mild “if only” spirit animating them. (Before you ask, there’s also no convenient planetoid full of uranium ore passing through.)

     Louis Redmond can’t save you.
     Christine D’Alessandro can’t save you.
     Todd and Jeanne Iverson can’t save you.
     Stephen Graham Sumner can’t save you.
     And sure as death and taxes, I can’t save you.

     You must save yourselves.


     This is a time of “Sauve qui peut” immediacy. Villains hold the levers of power. They are extending their grip into ever lower and smaller political units. The mechanisms intended to make their power transitory have been corrupted beyond recall. A spirit of resistance to tyranny sufficient to thwart them is not in evidence.

     But we’re not supposed to talk about it. We’ve been given all sorts of reasons. Those who are profiting by it have plenty of them. Much of it is a thin covering for the fear that talking about it will somehow make it “more real.” But it’s plenty real enough already. It started claiming lives and fortunes several years ago and has accelerated since then. Count yourself fortunate if it hasn’t gotten around to you…yet.


     I can almost hear you muttering “Why is he ladling this crap over us? Aren’t Mondays bad enough?” Apologies. I write about what’ s uppermost in my thoughts. If you need someone (other than me, that is) to blame for it, blame this dude:

     Coleman Hughes has a YouTube channel which presents his hour-plus interviews on a variety of social topics. One episode was a discussion with Charles Murray on intelligence and the social consequences of different average IQs of the different races.

     Hughes repeatedly said that it would poison the social climate if we came out and acknowledged that blacks are less intelligent than whites.

     Oh dear. To concede an established fact would “poison the social climate!” We surely can’t have that. I wonder what it would do to the “social climate” to admit that American blacks are also substantially more aggressive and less law-abiding than American whites. That’s purely unthinkable, isn’t it?

     Despite his youth – he was born in 1996 – Coleman Hughes is apparently a respected commentator. (“Respected by whom?” you ask. Well, Sam Harris likes him.) If he deems himself qualified to speak of the “social climate” and what the admission of a well-verified fact would do to it, I have a few questions for him:

  1. On what basis have you reached that conclusion?
  2. Are there any other facts that must not be publicized?
  3. Are you then endorsing systematic lying as a social policy?
  4. Must we pretend solely for “racial harmony,” or for other purposes?

     Don’t expect answers. Hughes is black. He’s “done a corner,” as our British cousins would say, in racism and race preferences. Has he ever addressed black racism toward whites and Asians? Or is that another of those matters that would “poison the social climate?”


     Word gets around. How many times must I say it? If a particular fact is vital to people’s well-being, they will learn that fact sooner or later. Attempts to suppress it will only underscore its importance.

     Geez, look at this mess. Look at all this pessimism. Rather than lament for a thousand words, perhaps I should have jumped straight to my conclusion. I had hoped that foreshadowing it with that cartoon up top would do the job. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter.

     You know it.
     I know it.
     This is not fine.

     But do have a nice day.


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    • SteveF on July 3, 2023 at 9:40 AM

    blame this dude

    -sigh- Might as well. I’m used to it. I’m married.

    1. …(facepalm)…

    • Daniel K Day on July 3, 2023 at 4:58 PM

    Please explain “do a corner”. Google did not find any links for the expression.

    1. It’s an old British expression that means, roughly, “to use in one’s trade.” For example, Coleman Hughes has turned racial tensions into a source of income for himself. He’s “done a corner” in racial disharmony.

      1. FYI. In the past DuckDuckGo would pick up one of Liberty Torch’s sentences in a search. Not this expression — yet, if ever again.

        Now I must look for a new “independent” and functional search engine. Any suggestions?

          • Darren on July 5, 2023 at 10:31 AM

 is one alternative (I say this as a recent convert, after a decade of using DuckDuckGo until it caved to SJW censorship pressures etc.)

          1. Thanks. Interestingly, done a corner doesn’t come up with either DDG or Brave. But at least with Brave when I add Porretto it finds books by FWP.

            When searching for Blinding Flashes Of The Obvious Dept., DDG places it as the third find, but brave does not, at least not before page 4. I needed to add Porretto at brave and then the essay was listed fifth.

            I will continue to test out brave for other searches. At least it gives me a new option.

            Thank you.

    • Chicolini on July 4, 2023 at 5:22 AM

    With a name like “Coleman Hughes” you didn’t need to tell us he was a negro.

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