Perspicacity Is Encouraged

     I’ve often speculated that the loneliest people in America must include actors who are openly Catholic and openly conservative. Add to that the utter brass of starring in The Passion of the Christ as Jesus of Nazareth Himself, and you have the almost unique lot of Jim Caviezel:

     To prepare for this role, I went into my backyard swimming pool and practiced walking on water. – Talking about The Passion of the Christ on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

     Caviezel’s biggest exposures to a large audiences were The Passion and his hit TV series Person of Interest. He’d made other excellent, well-reviewed movies, yet had never received the respect due an excellent actor who submerges himself successfully into a wide range of roles.

     Well, it seems he’s just starred in the #1 movie in America, and it’s, ah, “stirring controversy:”

     Sound of Freedom: the QAnon-adjacent thriller seducing America

     Jim Caviezel stars as a hero trying to stop child traffickers in a paranoid new movie turning into a surprise box-office hit

     Type the words “sound of freedom” into Twitter (decent people who wish to live good, happy lives should under no circumstances actually do this) and the search will yield dozens of triumphant reports crowing about the improbable victory of a film by that title over the likes of Indiana Jones at the box office this week.

     [The Guardian]

     It would be well to remember that The Passion of the Christ was also labeled “controversial.”

     Caviezel appears to be a genuinely good person. His movie, made on a very low budget for a major release, addresses a festering wound in First World societies: the sexual exploitation of children. How could any other decent person not applaud a production that takes this cancer seriously, and portrays one of the few people actively fighting it heroically?

     Well, when you’ve got kiddie-diddlers high up in the federal government and a serial groper as the Usurper-in-Chief, perhaps we shouldn’t expect a movie spotlighting the sexual exploitation of children to go over big with the “in” crowd. And of course, the media exist to serve the interests of the Powers That Be. (What? You thought the media’s function is to inform the public? Silly utopian dreamer.) They will do so by saying one lurid and irrelevant thing about the movie and Caviezel after another.

     At a time when Leftists are agitating for pedophilia to be “normalized” and calling the sexual mutilation of children a “right,” you’d think a movie about something arguably less controversial – i.e., children being trafficked as sex slaves – wouldn’t get this amount of acerbic comment. Besides, the movie has out-drawn the season’s other big releases, which usually garners a modicum of respect. But perhaps we’re being told something we really need to know…something that just might factor into the elections in November of next year. At any rate, we can hope.

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  1. Never forget that the Leftists are the reactionaries today. Treat your plans for their impending defeat accordingly.

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