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     This is greatly disturbing:

     The comments to the video, and the tweets sent in response to it, strongly suggest that this is a national pattern undertaken to suppress viewership of The Sound Of Freedom. I find that more than plausible:

  • The theaters’ great challenge since the COVID-19 pandemic has been getting people back out of their homes to see movies in the theater;
  • The Sound of Freedom is currently the top viewership draw in America;
  • The air-conditioning “problems” often affect only the theater in which The Sound of Freedom is being aired.

     If this is deliberate suppression of viewership, I doubt it’s the idea of the theater-owners and franchisers. It cross-cuts their natural interests too plainly. It’s more likely to be on orders “from above.”

     The Usurper Regime’s attitude has been, to this point, “We can do what we like and get away with it, so long as no one talks about it.” Given the child-trafficking going on at our chaotic southern border – not always for sexual purposes – the Regime would naturally like to suppress discussion of the topic and of any person or organization that’s tried to do something about it. To achieve that would require enlisting the theaters in the effort – and that would require guarantees from the Regime that the theater-owning companies would be reimbursed for their losses.

     If any Gentle Reader has further information on this subject, including any additional reports of air-conditioning “failures,” please leave it in a comment or email it to us. The address is in the sidebar.

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  1. – not always for sexual purposes –

    I tell you I heard an ominous sound accompany my reading of that.

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