If I could do one thing to improve America’s long term prospects

I would destroy the publik skool sistim.

And quite frankly, I’d take out a lot of the “higher” education system as well. At this point, when someone brags about their degree in my presence, I automatically assume that I’m dealing with a brainwashed drone who knows nothing about anything. When it comes to education in the past decade, I trust a bricklayer with zero college far more than I trust someone with multiple degrees. The bricklayer has experience in life and reality, while the recent college graduate has been insulated from both reality and life, but thinks that they have all the answers because their gender-studies professor told them so.

Look at the various maladies infecting the American society today, and almost all of them can be traced back to the publik skool sistim, either in its indoctrination, or its failure to teach people how to think critically. The cult of Global Warming Climate Cooling Change? Publik skool. The constant scream of racism against anyone who doesn’t support the narrative? That’s trained in publik skool. The complete lack of knowledge regarding the constitution or the proper role of government? They refuse to teach that in publik skool.

At this point, my hatred of the publik skool sistim is almost irrational. Almost. But then I realize the damage that the publik skool sistim has inflicted on this country, and whatever hatred I have of that system is far from irrational.

I know that this is more of a brief rant than an actual post, but this is what I’ve got in my head right now. If you have children, removing them from the publik skool sistim is imperative. Your children will never prosper in publik skool. Any other alternative would be better. Charter school, parochial schools, homeschooling. Hell, leaving them in a room full of books all day would be better than sending them to publik skool, because those books wouldn’t be teaching them about drugs, or sodomy, or CRT/Queer Theory/ESG. I learned far more from the reading list my father assigned me during the summers than I actually learned in 90% of my “English” classes. And the other 10% was due to a man who would be drummed out of education today for not following the narrative. (Dr Proser, if you’re out there, thank you. You were a diamond in a cesspool)

Every bit of knowledge about drug use, I learned in publik skool. Day drinking? Publik skool. Sex? Publik skool. The current tranny mania? That’s coming through publik skool. Hatred of Christianity? That’s being taught in publik skool.

Publk skool is where the government teaches your kids the opposite of family values.

Act accordingly.


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    • Algonquin Smith on July 30, 2023 at 12:04 PM

    Ah, the “summer reading list.” The Private Educational Penitentiary to which I was remanded by parental authority issued a summer reading list applicable to the higher grade one was assigned to for the next year; four books were to be selected from the list with a minimum 500-word book report due on the day classes started.
    Which did not prevent The Man at the Head of the Dinner Table from assigning <i>his own</i> summer reading list, the difference being one week allowed for reading each book followed by an hour’s discussion at dinner.
    The written school book report could contain a certain percentage of unfounded assumptions, the dinner discussion permitted zero. Frequently, a wrong enough tack, or attempt at “Bravo Sierra,”  would result in the assignment of another book which offered to clarify one’s “misunderstandings” of the previous book. The dinner table discussion of <i>that</i> book also involved the previous one,  why they were linked, and examination regarding why the correct message was not absorbed from the first one.
    Vigorous, brutal, but extremely effective. It taught me how to read for content <i>and</i> message, developed my skill of analysis, and, quite painfully, provided an education on how to construct, and present, an argument founded in fact and logic.
    Hated it deeply at the time but revered it ever since.

    • MrLiberty on July 30, 2023 at 2:45 PM

    The only thing worse than government itself is the government monopoly day prison system that passes itself off as an educational system.  It’s purpose is to destroy society from the bottom up and it has succeeded quite nicely. 

    • Drumwaster on July 30, 2023 at 3:53 PM

    Any time you have to add the adjective “public” to ANY other noun, it automagically degrades both the thing being altered and the public perception of same.
    Public schools. Public toilets. Public health. Public transit. Public parks. Pick any example you wish, but by making it “public”, you have insulted it, whether rightly or wrongly, and have reduced the general level of trust people will place in it. I can further guarantee that by making it (whatever “it” is) dependent upon public funding, you have almost certainly wasted that money by funneling it through a government office staffed with people whose only real job is to justify their current budget and expected budgetary increases for the next fiscal year.
    Don’t believe me, if you wish. Go check out all of those “public” things and compare them to private variants.

  1. Bragging on your degree is like bragging on the wrapping on your Christmas present.

    • Evil Franklin on July 31, 2023 at 7:59 AM

    I’ve advocated for closing all colleges and universities permanently for years. The only exceptions might be trade schools. Mentoring would be better. I’ve also been pushing the concept of the one room school house as well. The older students help the younger students and reinforce what they have learned in the past.

    A Completely New Model For Education.
    09/21/2016 by: gregpenglis
    “Our current school system I believe wastes about 95 of the time students spend in school.”

    Evil Franklin

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