I don’t have a single bit of proof

But here’s what my brain is coming up with regarding the Obama’s personal chef, his death from drowning, and Barry showing up in bandages and a black eye.

Barry plays for the home team, if you get my drift. I’m not even sure that Michelle Obama (aka Big Mike) is a real woman. Yeah, yeah, call me a conspiracy theorist. I’m fine with that, especially when I see the crap that’s coming out of D.C. these days.

So Bathhouse Barry has his chef from the White House come live with him after his tenure as the most anti-American president ever. That in and of itself is not strange. Rich commie shitheads love to have their staff on hand. Hell, even if the rich people aren’t commies they love to have their staff on hand, so that’s not really odd.

But having a guy who put out videos of himself swimming somehow “drown” in eight feet of water is odd.

Having the media mouthpieces claim that he drowned because he was a poor swimmer is odd when the same guy filmed himself swimming for forty minutes straight as part of a workout. Come to think of it, filming your swimming workout is rather odd unless you’re trying to get attention from certain people.

Drowning when you’re on a paddleboard is rather odd. Even if you can’t swim, you can just hold on to the board and float.

The multiple stories that came out, many of which contradict themselves, is odd.

So here’s what my brain came up with. This chef was either doing the horizontal mambo with Bathhouse Barry or Big Mike, or both. Both isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. For whatever reason the relationship goes sour. Bathhouse Barry and Big Mike are both raging narcissists, there’s no relationship they have that won’t go sour unless it’s them being in love with themselves. Bathhouse Barry invites his lover/chef to go paddleboarding, and takes care of business.

The only flaw in this argument is that in my opinion, Bathhouse Barry is too pathetic and weak to do it himself. He would have someone else do it for him.

Perhaps the physical altercation happened prior and was the cause of Bathhouse Barry having someone take care of business?

In any case this is another situation where we will never know the full truth because the truth would be too damaging to high-ranking politicians. And since they refuse to tell the truth my default setting is to imagine the worst. The thing is, as bad as my imagination can be you can rest assured that it will never come close to the depravity of what actually happened. These are Democrats we’re discussing after all. These are the people who made sure that Epstein’s client list never saw the light of day, because they were on it.

Alright, off to the salt mines.

UPDATE: Seems like great minds think alike.


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  1. I can see other possible scenarios. Ted Kennedy type- chemically altered, careless, not intended. Cleaned up by staff. Chef tried blackmail, waterboarded to get location of proof, either accidentally went too far or – cynically- got the info/goods, and got rid of him. Chef, in rage after argument with Big O, gets rough with O, is taken out by Secret Service, decides to clean up the scene and put out story about accident. The SS go along with this, fearful that they will be pulled from O detail to deal with Biden and his Hungry, Hungry Doggies.

    • Drumwaster on July 31, 2023 at 2:19 PM

    We’ve all seen the skeet-shooting(-and-missing), the basketball free-air-balls, the girls’ bicycle and all the rest. I get the feeling he’s never had to dirty his hands in the past, and he’s had people actively covering up for him since before he ever ran for President (ask the LATimes about that 2003 speech Barry gave in praise of former PLO terrorist Rashid Khalidi, the one they have a recording of, but have sealed it away, because they claimed that their source gave it to a news organization in “the valid expectation that the NEWS MEDIA COMPANY would not publish it”, because that’s the job of the media – not publishing stories about public figures). This would have been arranged with a text on a burner phone three layers down from Hillary and Mr. Soertoro.
    Fun Fact: The first person to mention Obama’s Kenyan birth? Barack Obama, when writing up an author’s blurb for inclusion in his first book. (The publisher’s staff doesn’t write those, and even if they had, the presumption was that an Illinois substitute professor and state legislator would be US-born, not Kenya, so the data came from the only person asked to write that blurb – the putative author.) The first person to bring up Obama’s Kenyan birth in relation to political campaigning? Hillary Clinton, during the ’08 primaries. She then went on to accuse the GOP for making it all up.

  2. I am constantly amazed at the number of democrat party members who die “accidentally”, or commit suicide by shooting themselves in the head multiple times and then crawling fifty feet.

  3. Why is this image so hard to find via browser search? I had to stumble upon it again, today. I could not bring it up yesterday when I read your post.

  4. Because the media is nothing more than the Democrat propaganda machine, and anything that might reflect poorly on their masters has to be suppressed. If people start asking questions, they might find the answers that the Left has been trying to keep hidden. It’s not enough to just not report the truth, they have to hide anything that might make people question the narrative.

    • jwm on August 1, 2023 at 6:37 PM

    Mooch kicked his ass in a fight.

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