I Should Speak Like This Guy

The following would be more effective had the ranter not singled out the Democratic Party for their continued twisted support for Brandon. The GOP is little better in that I’ve heard none of them come close to the justifiable outrage this man exhibits.

This rant is worth watching more than once. Let this serve as an example of how to overcome our socially engineered outrage suppression. We’ve been indoctrinated into silence, leaving the stage entirely in the hands of the radical Left. Although the Progs still have low modulated voices (Senator Palpatine types), they welcome and encourage not only loud voices, but rioting, arson, mayhem and murder and are allowed to get away with it. It is long past time that the social forces for decency started getting loud.

Be more like this man so that the voices of decency truly penetrate the thick heads of the indecent ones at the top.

I promise to expand on the immense value of raising your voice. One voice encourages so many others who think like you, but they, like you, have been convinced it is always the civilized thing to do to swallow one’s outrage or anger.