Sometimes it’s hard to understand that actions which affected me greatly had very little effect on someone else. At my final duty station, one of the troops I supervised was born after September 11th 2001. Although she understood 9-11 as a historical event, there’s no way that she could understand it emotionally, how it impacted the people of this country. She didn’t have the experience of it, just as I didn’t have the experience of December 7th.

But that doesn’t excuse the vast majority of people who have willfully forgotten anything and everything about 9-11.

Reading Instapundit this morning, this quote caught my eye:

But we have forgotten the criminal negligence of our political leaders and intelligence services that got us to that point. We should have purged the incompetents then. Instead, they’re still running the show. The country is still sound, but the people in charge of it have only gotten worse.

Does the name “Jamie Gorelick” ring a bell? She was the incompetent commie fart-sniffer who made sure that the FBI and CIA couldn’t talk to each other about the muslims who wanted to learn how to fly a plane but not land one. She’s still involved in the government to this day. She has her fingers in everything, despite having the literal opposite of the Midas Touch. Everything she touches turns to shit. She’s highly credentialed and highly incompetent, but she’s also highly connected and she only fails upwards.

And she’s only one example. Look into the bureaucracy, the Deep State that’s running this country, and you will find more and more examples of corruption, incompetency, and outright anti-American activities from people who have infested the government for decades, fat ticks riding on the American public, and killing us at the same time.

It’s a cycle if failure and stupidity that keeps coming around. Time to whip out that graphic again:

September 11th was a horrifying day. But what is more horrifying to me is the fact that the people who allowed September 11th to happen are still in charge, and actively working to make people forget that day because then people might stop asking how it was allowed to happen.

And too many Americans are happy to go along with that.

Now if you’ll pardon me, I have things to do, and I’m in a foul mood. Perhaps some hard physical labor will help me improve my thinking. If not, at least I’ll get things done.


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    • Brother John on September 11, 2023 at 1:40 PM

    Given that the primary cause of 9/11 (and Ft Hood, and a host of other catastrophes and maladies) was stupid immigration policies, and given the current state of “immigration” in the USA, …..well, you fill in the blanks.

    • George Meade on September 12, 2023 at 9:34 AM

    I’m wondering if this gives you insight as to why it would make WWII veterans crazy that Americans would become Neo Nazis and do the Nazi salute, or that someone would be outraged that a Confederate general has a statue in a town square or people fly the Confederate flag. (Especially someone in your part the country, that didn’t even participate in – and has no history with – that war.)

  1. Why do you think that I don’t have any southern connections? That’s quite an assumption. And even if your assumption were correct, those statues were part of the reconciliation that this country needed. Tearing those statues down was like ripping the band-aide off the wound. And in many cases, it was done by ignorant Leftists (redundancy alert) who were too stupid to know how hard the people who erected those statues tried to piece this country back together. The list of actions taken by Robert E. Lee to keep the country whole after the Civil War is too long to list here, but I highly doubt that most American school kids could name one of them.

    Destroying history doesn’t correct a wrong, it only keeps people ignorant. Which is what those who tear down statues want.

    • Evil Franklin on September 13, 2023 at 9:00 AM

    When history is destroyed it takes away from our ability to learn from it.

    Evil Franklin

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