Invidious Comparisons Dept.

     This story provoked quite a range of reactions from readers. Mine was “Why did ‘they’ wait so long when the danger to ‘them’ is so obvious?”

Bank Shuts Down ‘Silver Stackers and Gold Stackers’ Shop’s Business and Personal Accounts

     An Ohio-based coin shop owner recently took to YouTube to share alarming news: His regional bank, with whom he has been a customer for years, has suddenly decided to sever ties by closing all six of his business and personal accounts….
     This isn’t an isolated event. The owner is aware of at least three other businesses — two coin shops and a pawn shop — in Ohio that faced the same issue in recent years.

     Please read it all. The banks involved were “unable” to give reasons for the severance of these longstanding relationships. “Unable” might be better read as “I know but I can’t (or won’t) tell you.” The nature of the enterprises treated this way is the key.

     If you’ve ever possessed a silver dollar, do you remember how it felt to have it in your hand? Solid. Substantial. Even pretty, despite being a wee bit tarnished. It feels real. It doesn’t promise anything; it is something: an item of value that’s widely recognized and accepted as such. The alert individual will perceive and acknowledge those traits without being prompted.

     Compare that experience to pulling a $20 bill out of your wallet. Today the two have approximately equal market values.

     The federal government is conducting a War on Cash. It’s simultaneously inflating the dollar as rapidly as possible while working toward the elimination of all physical currency in favor of a “digital dollar.” Since it wants that digital artifact to be the sole medium of exchange accepted in these United States, it must eliminate any media that might compete with it. Just now, the purchase and accumulation of gold and silver by private individuals is racing the available supplies. Anyone who needs an explanation should give these baseline essays a review:

  1. King Cash
  2. The Nature of Money and Currency
  3. Bimetallism and Gresham’s Law
  4. The Great Transformation
  5. The Emergence of Banks and Banking

     Q.E.D., as we mathematical types like to say.

     Cash is essential to privacy – and historically, gold and silver have been the preferred forms of cash. Moreover, a comparison between the attributes of gold and silver coins and those of any other medium always favors gold and silver. Most important of all, “the dollar,” bless its heart, is steadily losing value, as anyone who has to feed his household will know. But gold and silver are rising in value even more rapidly than the dollar is sinking.

     And so I find myself asking, “Why did the Usurpers wait so long to move against the sellers of gold and silver to private parties? The threat to politically-controlled money and the ‘digital dollar’ has been obvious from the very first.”


    • Amy on September 12, 2023 at 8:26 PM

    They better not eliminate cash! How else are people going to tip us when we’re on stage performing, raising money for charity?

    • Evil Franklin on September 13, 2023 at 7:53 AM

    If the dollar is eliminated another form of “cash” will come into being such as .22LR. While the government will do all in its’ power to eliminate black markets; it will not happen. Mobile black markets will come into existence.
    If cash is outlawed how long will it take to shut down EBT?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the government set off EMP devices over the U.S. to create a “One Second After” scenario.

    Evil Franklin

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