Virtue Signaling At Others’ Expense

     I’m sure it feels great…until the chickens come home to roost:

     CHICAGO – Chicago’s newest migrant shelter has opened up in the West Loop, and it’s creating tension between a landlord and tenants.

     The bottom floor tenant at a warehouse-style building at 344 N. Ogden is a retail business. The owner tells FOX 32 that the migrants just moved in starting Friday.

     Thomas De Boer, president of the recently-opened Chicago Card Club, said the fact that part of the building he just signed a lease for is now being used to house migrants will kill his business, and cost him in the neighborhood of $100,000.

     “It’s devastating,” said De Boer. “You plan for so long to start a new business, you get excited, you pour loads of your own personal funds into it, just to have the landlord come and destroy it.”

     There’s no mention of whether De Boer’s landlord is getting money from the municipal government to shelter those illegal aliens. It seems next to guaranteed, but there’s always a possibility that he’s simply a soft-headed idiot. There must be some such in Chicago, to have voted for Lori Lightfoot, and then to replace her with Brandon Johnson.

     Chicago is already suffering the loss of a great many businesses that once called the city their home. Now it appears that its “sanctuary city” policy will deter the formation of any new businesses as well. Not that we couldn’t have predicted that, of course. But do Chicagoans, including its Communist mayor, believe that Chicago can survive without businesses? Employers? Sources of tax revenue?

     New York City is learning the same lesson. Which will concede to reality, I wonder? Either? Both? Neither?