Abomination (UPDATED)

     I could write about many things this morning. The “Future Columns” folder has six entries in it, and alongside those items there’s a lot of commentary possible about the Synod taking place in Rome just now. But one item that might strike my Gentle Readers as essentially trivial has lit my boiler, and I find that I can think of nothing else until I’ve vented about it:

     President Joe Biden’s two-year-old German shepherd, Commander, has been removed from the White House after staff were repeatedly subjected to far more attacks from the animal than the administration has acknowledged.

     CNN reported that the U.S. Secret Service has publicly acknowledged that the dog has attacked its agents 11 times, but the true number is higher when “executive residence staff and other White House workers” are counted. Some of the instances have required treatment at hospitals. No exact number of attacks was given.

     The animal was reportedly so vicious that staff at the White House warned the Bidens that they could face a lawsuit over the injuries that workers have sustained.

     I’m mystified how a serious, life-and-health-threatening problem was hushed up for long enough to let the number of attacks reach double digits. Did nothing about these bites “leak?” Did no Secret Service agent nor other White House functionary feel the least obligation to warn a wider circle? Was no one in the White House press pool interested in what could prove to be the most consequential of all the stories pertinent to the Usurper-In-Chief?

     Several states have enacted “red flag” laws that purport to protect the public from individuals who “shouldn’t have guns.” What about people who shouldn’t have dogs? What about people in positions of authority whose dogs have proved vicious? And what about people who command vast armies and arsenals who possess such dogs?

     Apparently no member of the Biden family has been bitten yet. I wonder why.

     The restraint of the Secret Service in this matter has verged on miraculous. Secret Service agents are continuously armed. Any one of Commander’s victims could have killed the dog with full justification, immediately after being bitten. All we know out here in the tundra is that it didn’t happen. Perhaps those agents were too worried for their jobs, but we’ll probably never know.

     White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked multiple times about the matter during Wednesday’s press conference.

     Each time she was asked about the dog, her exact response was: “I would refer you to the Secret Service and also the first lady’s office.”

     Next we’ll be told it’s the subject of an ongoing FBI investigation. But enough of that; no one who’s been paying attention since 2020 needs to be told that dirty details about the Bidens are carefully kept in the darkness. What interests me more is how Commander got to be this way.


     I’m a dog owner and an enthusiast, which is probably obvious to regular Gentle Readers. I’ve learned a substantial amount about dogs these past thirty years. One of the more striking things I’ve learned is that as a rule, dogs bred to become pets are not naturally inclined to aggression against humans. However, by systematically mistreating a dog, he can be made viciously aggressive.

     We have this, from investigative reporter Paul Sperry:

     While this has not yet been confirmed by an independent source, I’m inclined to trust Judicial Watch and Paul Sperry. The evidence suggests that Commander has been abused in such a fashion as to make him:

  • Fear his abusers;
  • Attack others at will.

     The German Shepherd enjoys the reputation of being the most intelligent of all dog breeds. It wouldn’t take an average German Shepherd very long to learn whom he should fear and whom he may abuse. As they’re also large, strong, and quick, a vicious German Shepherd can do great damage, especially to the unwary.

     Commander’s predecessor Major was also exiled from the White House for biting others. Should the public repose any degree of trust in a man who has owned not one but two aggressive dogs? Consider that a private person whose dogs had behaved this way would be the subject of police scrutiny. What sort of attention is Joe Biden receiving over his dogs’ vicious proclivities?

     Is there a reporter in the White House press pool with spine enough to ask the hapless Karine Jean-Pierre “Has Joe Biden abused his dog Commander?” right out in front of God and everybody? Do you think Jean-Pierre would refer that reporter to the Secret Service for further information? And what do you think would become of a reporter brave enough to ask that question? Summarily removed from the White House and his pass revoked with prejudice?

     The Biden family has made the presidency a laughingstock, at least for those Joe’s dogs haven’t yet bitten. They’ve also made plain the utter contempt for the American public his backers and followers feel. And they’ve reduced America to a joke in the eyes of the other nations of the world.

     But if the Democrats should decide to retain dementia patient and corruptocrat Joe Biden as their standard-bearer, he’ll be re-elected thirteen months from now. All the pieces are in place for a second stolen election:

  • Mail-in balloting and extended in-person voting have been institutionalized.
  • Anti-vote fraud measures have been reduced to nullities.
  • The attack machines against the Right are at full power and volume.
  • The FBI has de facto criminalized opposition to the Usurper Regime.
  • Illegal aliens are in many places being invited to vote.

     They who stole the 2020 election for Biden have no reason to relent. Remember that you read it here first.

UPDATE: The following footage has only just surfaced:

“Your President,” folks. Great God in heaven, how I want to see him hanged.


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    • obsrvntcynic on October 6, 2023 at 7:59 AM

    A Dog’s behavior is a mirror of the owner’s behavior.

    • Chicolini on October 6, 2023 at 10:33 AM

    When the ballot box fails, it’s time to open the third box. Keep calm and identify local collaborators.

  1. You want to get really pissed off, there’s footage now out showing Biden kicking the dog.

    1. Thank you, BCE. I’ve embedded the tweet that shows that.

    • Chicolini on October 6, 2023 at 2:39 PM

    As much as I wish it were true, and I’m certainly not defending Pedo Joe, it looks more like he tripped on the dog when it got underfoot.

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