Investigate Where Your Donations Are Going

Humanitarian Aid is NOT what you might expect.


That’s what ‘cha might call a Hyew-manitarian Goal. The Sons of Dog-F**kers (SDF) took advantage of that charity to build WEAPONS. So, screw that – PVC lines ONLY, in the future.

[NOTE: I cannot get the Quote Block function to work correctly. Therefore I will use BOLD and old-time ” “ to indicate I’m quoting another source.]

“The EU participated in a number of initiatives between 2015 and 2022 to ensure Palestinians have fresh water, including working alongside UNICEF to install an 11-mile pipeline to Khan Yunus and Raha in southern Gaza.

Footage emerged, in 2021, of Hamas fighters digging up the pipes and fashioning them into rockets to launch over the border into Israel. Despite this, the EU bankrolled another 10 miles of pipelines in 2022.

The main missile used by Hamas – an internationally recognized “terrorist organization” – is the Qassam rocket, which is assembled using industrial piping along with chemicals and explosives.”

Hmmm. Wonder if that pipeline was deliberately designed to provide them with the ability to make weapons? Wonder if someone on the staff of that “charity” was well aware that the metal could be re-purposed for that aim?

We’ll probably never know. The Media and The State is wedded to the concept that no one – outside of the Privileged Elite – needs to have that information.

It is because I distrust MANY so-called charities that I have stopped my donations to such organizations as Catholic Charities and Catholic Relief Services. I cannot trust that the money will not be used to fund invasion of the USA by completely unvetted aliens, who – with the assistance of Taxpayer-Funded NGOs – will hand over massive amounts of cash with absolutely no accountability.

I still give – locally, to targeted organizations with limited goals. But, that’s it.

The charities have only themselves to blame for that. They squandered their good names and good will toadying up to Leftists.

On to “Deprogramming MAGA” – Hillary’s latest scheme to bring opponents to their knees. Unsurprisingly, the Mainstream News is largely ignoring the open declaration of war on the Not-Left. Those that are ‘sharing’ their real feels about it include Salon Magazine.

“Predictably, Donald Trump and the other leaders, spokespeople, and propagandists on the right and those sympathetic to them, were enraged by Hillary Clinton’s suggestion that the MAGA movement is a cult whose members will require some type of mass psychological intervention and deprogramming.

But there is a very important difference between Hillary Clinton’s prescient warnings in 2016 and her recent warnings about the Trump MAGA cult. Now the American people and the world have more than seven years of experience with Trumpism and American neofascism and the horror, tumult, death, and other great troubles that such forces and leaders have empowered and unleashed. The question is now, will enough Americans listen to Hillary Clinton’s warnings and then vote against Trump and his MAGA movement in 2024? The future of the country and its democracy greatly depends on it.”

Salon continues their search for supporters of the Deprogramming Gulag. Go here to read the rest, including some choice quotes from predictably Leftist stooges who think that Hill’s idea is Just Peachy.