The Sea

     Now and then we get a clear statement of verifiable facts from some figure known as a “public intellectual.” Depending on the tenor of the time and the attitude of the ruling elite, that statement might be honored, dishonored, suppressed, or ignored. Those who take note of the patterns involved will reach their own conclusions, while those who listen with half an ear because their personal concerns are more pressing might mutter “Yeah, yeah” and not give it any further thought. But it won’t change the facts.

     I know little about British writer and commentator Douglas Murray. However, in this video, he makes flatly factual statements that are impossible to refute. Ace summarizes his central points in two sentences:

     1, [Hamas-supporting Muslims in Britain] do not belong here, they do not contribute to life here, they are threatening law-abiding people and making their lives worse, and I want them gone.
     2, If the government does not execute the will of the people on this issue, the people will begin implementing the policy, and it will be messy and brutal.

     Another Englishman, Sir Harold Bowden, has told us:

     Facts that are not frankly faced have a habit of stabbing us in the back.

     And once again, we have the immortal wisdom of Ralph Waldo Emerson:

     If the government is cruel, the governor’s life is not safe. If you tax too high, the revenue will yield nothing. If you make the criminal code sanguinary, juries will fail to convict. If the law is too mild, private vengeance comes in.

     It doesn’t matter how anyone “feels” about it. But the tale doesn’t end there.


     “The people are the sea in which the revolutionary fish swims.” – Mao Tse-tung

     Among the most painful phenomena of our time is the way in which immigrants to supposedly free nations have exploited the tolerance of those nations to victimize them. Muslims in particular are guilty of this…yet governments here and in Europe have let it go on. Indeed, they’ve collaborated in it by twisting the law to enforce accommodations to those immigrants. And on what grounds? Why, these: “The troublemakers are a minority. The majority are peaceful.”

     Cue Brigitte Gabriel:

     Let’s take 10% — the lowest of the estimates of Muslim radicalism – as the number with which to work. There are 1.3 million Muslims in London alone. What should decent Londoners expect from 130,000 radical Muslims turned loose among them? Especially given the attitude of British law enforcement toward them and their actions.

     There are between 3 and 4 million Muslims in the United States. Move the decimal point yourself.

     But the “tolerant” reply that “We can’t deport the whole sea because a few drops of it are poisonous!” nearly always carries the day. That “the sea” makes possible the villainies of those “few drops,” whether actively by providing materiel and funds, or passively by concealing them among the greater number, goes unaddressed.

     O my people! O my city!


     I could go on about this, but there’s no point. Nominally free countries that permit Muslim immigration are poisoning themselves. The events of the previous five decades make that statement irrefutable. Yet the importation of this horrific, Seventh-Century cult continues without interruption, as if America, Britain, and Europe actually need its “contributions.” There is only one possible conclusion: The governments of the West are actively hostile to their own people. Immigration by Muslims, whose pseudo-religion commands them to subjugate the rest of us, is being used as a weapon against us by the very governments charged with protecting us, our lands, and our rights.

     But private citizens here and in Europe are awakening. If “their” governments don’t reverse course pretty BLEEP!ing quick, those private citizens will undertake the job with their own hands and their own tools…and it will be “messy and brutal.”

     Have a nice day.


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    • SWVaguy on November 7, 2023 at 5:45 AM

    But, but Islam is peace.

    • Chicolini on November 7, 2023 at 5:56 AM

    Moslems of any stripe have no place in the lands of former Christendom. They have been imported the governments of the West who are actively hostile to the native peoples. Those governments are controlled by yet another hostile group of foreigners.

    • jwm on November 7, 2023 at 8:40 AM

    Governments in the West have been importing, not only moslems, but African moslems in huge numbers. What possible benefit can this hold for anyone but the imported aliens? What islamic beliefs, and customs would the West do well to adopt, or emulate? What has Africa contributed to the advance civilization anywhere, or at any time. The answers are zero, none, and nothing.

    Throw millions of moslem africans into America and Europe, and what will happen? Oh, yes, certainly. Those new arrivals will undoubtedly embrace the Western traditions, and continue to improve and advance our intellectual, and cultural heritage. Yeah. In what freakin’ universe?



    • doubletrouble on November 7, 2023 at 9:31 AM

    “…because a few drops of it are poisonous!”
    If you have a glass of beer, & I only pee in it a little bit (10% or so), is that beer still a keeper?

    Drink up, kids!

    • OneGuy on November 7, 2023 at 9:59 AM

    Look at any country where radical Muslims have killed Christians and you will rarely find any “moderate” Muslims who spoke up against it or tried in any way to stop it.  In fact they support it in deeds and words.  In fact their religion requires them to do this.  It cannot be said often enough that radical Muslims want to kill or enslave Christian and other non-Muslims and moderate Muslims will support them in this.  This IS a war in which only the Muslims are aware it is a war.  The non-Muslims believe, sincerely, that since civilized normal people would never do these things that it is only a few deranged people who happen to be Muslims who commit these atrocities and therefore you can’t blame all Muslims.  And they will again and again forgive and forget.  They intend to kill or enslave everyone and they are relentless.  I see no possible scenario where they do not ultimately succeed.

    • John in Indy on November 7, 2023 at 12:22 PM

    There are no “moderate Muslims”. There are only Muslims, apostate Muslims, and those who are, or would be, the subjects of Muslims, either as slaves or dhimmis.

    In that Islam, by its’ own definition, controls the political and civic life and actions of its’ followers, it is incompatible with the US Constitution, which is the Supreme law of the United States.

    An oath of citizenship given by a Muslim is necessary false, as to that person, nothing is superior to the tenets of the Koran and the Hadiths, which specifically permit them to lie about their intentions.

    They define us as their enemies. We fail ourselves and our children if we do not believe them and act accordingly.


  1. Many moons ago, Drumwaster commented on a post of mine back at my old place regarding the poison of Islam and how people bleat about the peaceful minority. His comment, and I’m paraphrasing, went along the lines of “Here’s a bowl of M&M. Most of them are safe. 10% of them will kill you and everyone within fifty yards of you. How many are you grabbing and eating?”

    Vapid moral platitudes mean nothing when reality bumps up against them. Forcing people to think in real terms rather than abstract might cause them to vapor-lock, but it won’t hurt as much as the next muslim mass killing in this country.

    • Chicolini on November 8, 2023 at 6:03 AM

    What are the jews going to do when White Europeans, under the influence of the Moslems the jews imported into their nations, adopt Islam ? The very thought of a Moslem Germany, swept up in the enthusiasm of the newly converted, should make them sweat under their yarmulkes. Looks like the Kalergi Plan might backfire.

    1. You persist in conspiracy-mongering against “the Jews.” All right: Which Jews? How did they do it? And why, considering that they know their enemies better than you know your own name? Out with it! If you have any evidence, bring it forth!

    • SWVaguy on November 8, 2023 at 6:22 AM

    The democrats maintained the majority in the state senate and flipped the house here in old Virginny. If burning cities, tearing down statues, spewing hate wasn’t enough to convince people NOT to vote democrat, what hope is there?  All I know is my AR-15 magazines are fullly loaded. Just in case.

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