A New Book Promotion Scam

     They’re as regular as the rising of the Sun…and that’s roughly the time of day at which they arrive in my Inbox:

Dear Francis Porretto,

     Our platform reaches over 300,000 book lovers and we are currently offering only 10 slots for featured book promotions for next week. This is a fantastic opportunity to get your book in front of a wider audience and drive sales.

     Don’t miss out on this opportunity – visit our website for more information or submit your book directly through this link: https://booksbuzzer.com/

     Thank you for your time and consideration. We are excited to work with you.

     Best regards,

Thank You

     As if the arrival time – 6:04 AM – didn’t already give the game away, a glance at the website makes plain that these “book promoters” are not native English-language speakers.

     Writing colleagues: Keep your guards up.