Note The Contrast

     There’s an old story that when the ruling powers of some Eastern nation had…pardon my Belgian…royally fucked up, such that immediate corrective action was required, the potentate would send a trusted emissary to consult the chief monk of a Buddhist monastery. According to the story as I remember it, the chief monk would simply tell the royal emissary:

“You follow the Way.”

     …and send him back to his liege lord.

     A somewhat reconstituted version of that wisdom is evident from the following ad:

     Note the distribution of races and sexes. It’s practically all white men. Almost no Negroes, and absolutely no women…or drag queens, or “puppies,” or other cosplayers. But then, which race, and which sex thereof, populated the American Army in its more successful campaigns?

     When the need is great, “they” will always call upon the white men – and usually, the white Christian men. ‘Twas ever thus, and ever thus shall it be.

     Draw the moral.


  1. Based on recruiting numbers, many of the white, Christian conservative men aren’t buying what they’re selling. And almost every vet I know is telling their friends and family to hold off on military service for a bit. See how 2024 turns out.

    • OneGuy on November 8, 2023 at 10:03 AM

    Our government is knowingly putting us in a very bad situation.  They are willfully wasting our military resources, destroying military morale, appointing generals based on race and leftist ideology, allowing in saboteurs, and spies into our country while saber rattling around the world.  They intend to use our young men and women as cannon fodder.  Do not let your children join the military.  Yes of course join and fight to protect the homeland but do not join to die on foreign lands for stupid choices by even stupider politicians.

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