A Wandering Mind

     “Don’t let your mind wander. It’s too little to be let out alone.” – From a lapel button


     Hey, remember those buttons and bumper stickers from a few years back?

     I’m beginning to get that feeling again.


     My day is looking bad – very bad, actually – and besides, I’m way too tired to write this morning. So have a gaggle of links with brief comments after each one.


     Something new to “fear.”

     That’s for any Gentle Reader who isn’t already near to paralyzed with fear.


     If you think the right to life is the supreme issue of our time…

     …the linked commentator wants you to know that you’re the reason for Republican electoral underperformance.


     Naughty, evil, colonialist explorer!

     I think it’s time to clean and oil the guns again.


     Repentance for a life of idiocy.

     “Most people are willing to give up their preconceptions…after they’ve had them tattooed on their heads with a blunt instrument.” – Keith Laumer


     Common sense from the ever-reliable Andrea Shea King.

     I miss her radio show.


     Serious news with a silly acronym, from our favorite Graybeard.

     Well, what other animated show was equally optimistic about the future?


     Hard truth about Islam’s war against human freedom.

     “First they came for the Jews,” et cetera. They always come for the Jews first – and you know damned well why, so stop pretending you can be “neutral” about it.

     (And for the idiots in the audience: While I wish Israel all the best in its fight, I do not want to see American involvement in its current hostilities. Shouldn’t you be reading something less mentally taxing?)


     This might be the Comment of the Century:

“As some “niche Canadian” wrote almost two decades ago, the future belongs to those who show up. Well, on the streets of London, the future showed up.”

     It could only have come from Mark Steyn.


     Uncomfortable truth from John Wilder.

     Come for the insight, scurry away quickly averting your eyes from the puns.


     We should have paid more attention to Howard Eppis.

     What he said in that line provides a complete explanation for why Leftists are trying to destroy the American economy.


     God bless and keep you, Sundance.

     If you read only one thing today, make it the piece linked above.


     And do have a nice day. Really!


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    • jwm on November 14, 2023 at 9:44 AM

    Hope your day gets better. Mine is sufficiently spoiled.

    • John in Indy on November 14, 2023 at 8:40 PM

    Hope that you are able to chase the “black dog” away. Your site often helps me with mine.
    About abortion and law, to me, it looked / looks like the RINOs like McCarty and his ilk used the Dobbs decision to sabotage the midterms, by immediately proposing Federal restrictions on abortion, while the ink on the decision holding that abortion policy is an issue for the States alone was still wet.
    The proposed Federal laws provided a general target for the left, which the RINOs focused against MAGA candidates, who the RNC also refused to fund. 
    The enemies of our enemies are NOT necessarily our friends, as the LGBEtc supporters of HAMAS are likely to discover, eventually.

    • TRX on November 16, 2023 at 12:54 PM

         “Most people are willing to give up their preconceptions…after they’ve had them tattooed on their heads with a blunt instrument.” – Keith Laumer

    I think you meant “hide” instead of “head.” 
    cf. “Retief’s War”, 1966

    1. GAAHH! You’re right. My memory isn’t what it used to be.

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