Bring back tarring and feathering

Via the Epoch times, in an article about how the IRS is planning on fining you for “underpayment of taxes” (as if the Byzantine tax code of the FUSA actually lets you figure out what you’re getting skinned for) comes this little blurb that made me see red once again.

The federal government made direct payments to individuals totaling $931 billion to help with COVID-19. However, it was challenging for the IRS and Treasury to get payments to some people.

Nine hundred and thirty-one BILLION dollars, you say? But the 2020 “stimulus” bill was TWO TRILLION DOLLARS. If the gave away NINE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-ONE BILLION DOLLARS, then where in the hell is the rest of it? The ONE TRILLION, SIXTY-NINE BILLION DOLLARS?

In ancient Rome, before the empire fell, the Roman senate and royalty spent their time looting the treasury for their own personal benefit. How much of that $1,069,000,000,000 is sitting in the bank account of US politicians?

Rome also had puppet emperors as well, much like Drooling Joe the Chinese Hand Puppet.

Buy more ammo, folks. The train is off the rails but still going at a high rate of speed and when it finally hits something the effect is going to be horrific.


    • Drumwaster on November 20, 2023 at 2:51 PM

    Well, there were also payments made to places like the Kennedy Center, which insisted that it needed the funding or it would have to fire all the musicians and cancel all the concerts. They got their money, then fired everyone and canceled everything.
    There was also the fact that Barack Obama was the first President to have never actually filed for a Budget – they used “Continuing Resolutions” which used the numbers passed in the last official Budget, increased for inflation, and that last Budget was under Bush, and included that “one-time” boost of $800 billion following the Housing Bubble Burst. The $800 Billion-With-A-B kept getting “Continued”, every year, with bureaucrats scrambling to find ways to spend it, (including LBGTQWTFXYZ++? school in Afghanistan and Iraq) and the result was the almost-literal doubling of the Federal Debt in a single Presidency (from $10.025 Trillion in 2008 to $19.573 T in 2016).

    • George Mckay on November 21, 2023 at 6:56 AM

    If the budget is not reduced Рnot just token reductions but, at least 40% or more you can sit back and watch this economy and government implode.  Wheelbarrows of currency for a loaf of bread are in our future should the pantywaists in DC not grow a pair of nuts and actually DO THEIR F-IN JOB!

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