A Little Pre-Thanksgiving Silliness

     I’m no longer allowed, for the sake of my health, to eat my way into a coma. That makes the annual Thanksgiving Day dinner a bittersweet event: all those goodies, and I’m allowed perhaps a tablespoonful of each! But I have my memories of Thanksgiving feasts in bygone years. They must suffice.

     But one recent development strikes me as highly relevant to Thanksgiving Day: the recliner. They’re not all that new in and of themselves, but their inclusion in all kinds of rooms and all manner of other furniture is fairly recent. And there’s nothing like kicking back in your favorite recliner after a satisfying meal, especially if the more annoying family members have vacated the premises and your home team is playing the Lions or the Cowboys.

     I was reflecting on the great importance of our five recliners – two in the living room; two in the downstairs rec room; one in my office – to life here at the Fortress of Crankitude when it occurred to me that there surely must be enough other “recliner fans” out there for a dedicated publication. I mean, why not? There are publications for far less relaxing activities and pastimes. So I set to work:

     What do you think, Gentle Reader? Would it “play in Peoria?”


    • Evil Franklin on November 23, 2023 at 10:20 AM

    Recliners. My wife loved them. Getting on in years and finding that some foods require that I not sleep horizontally, the recliner has become my occasional sleeping arrangement. My current love seat arrangement was acquired for the excellent price of zero dollars. Not as comfortable as some, but, who am I to complain?

    Evil Franklin

  1. Not only did I get my vey own recliner this year, I chose own that could be operated from either side. (I’d recently broken my right arm, and was incapable of using most recliners, which have right hand side controls, whether manual or power).

    And, we also bought a love seat recliner for the family room. Love them both.

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