This Wins The Internet For Today

     There are 13 minerals that are essential for human life, and all of them can be found in Wine. Coincidence? I Think Not! — Diogenes Sarcastica

     Applause, Diogenes, you tall, brilliant, fabulously talented and visually stunning placental mammal, you. But then, others have expressed that sentiment as well:

     “An ancient writer said that, if there were no flowers and moon and beautiful women, he would not want to be born into the world. I might add that, if there were no pen and ink and chess and wine, there was no purpose in being born a man.” – Chang Chao

     And of course, we have this more recent emission:

     “I must learn all there is to know about wine. It has great power. It could protect the health. It could relieve many sorrows…. I must study it thoroughly.” – Fountain

     All true. I’ve researched each of them personally! 😉


  1. Thank You Much from one oblivious wine lover to another!

    1. You’re quite welcome, dear. And apropos of nothing much, were you tempted to ask the lady in Costco if her child was a purebred? 😁

      1. No, but I wish now I had thought of it!🤣🤣

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