Like Arnold, “I’m BACH”

[UPDATE to the info below – in the ‘reform’ bill is an Easter Egg, that EXTENDS the reach of FISA.]

It’s been a challenging autumn. First, I had to nurse my family through Covid, then I got it myself. Everyone was slow to fully recover, but both my husband and I had lingering respiratory problems.

Mostly asthma. By last weekend, I’d HAD it.

So, Monday morning, I went to the CVS Minute Clinic. It was quicker than trying to get in to see my doctor (I usually spend 1/2 day or longer just having them get back to me after a message or phone call).

The clinic was manned by a nurse practitioner, a very nice young lady (under 40). She listened to my symptoms, checked my vitals, and agreed that it wasn’t Covid (I didn’t need tested again), and she made a plan that upped my normal meds, and added a stronger dose of steroids.

It worked. I woke today with energy, ability to breathe, and able to walk the dog for the first time in a week (my husband had been handling that). My fitness tracker is already almost up to the number of daily steps I’d been doing for WEEKS.

As for my doctor, I’m starting a new Medicare Advantage plan in January (cheaper, and better coverage). I’m going to choose another doctor, even if the current guy is on the plan. I want someone who will listen when I say I need to see him NOW, and will adjust my meds if indicated, rather than just adding another antibiotic.

Now, for something urgent – the renewal of FISA’s Section 702. It expires 12/31. They are TELLING people that the extension only adds another 4 months to the section’s authority.

They LIE. It will be active for BOTH 2024 AND 2026 elections.

Read my post to find out more – and PLEASE contact both the House AND the Senate, expressing strong disapproval with Section 702 in ANY form. Make it clear that this will trigger both donations to their opponents in the primary and general election, but also your household’s voting. AND that you will share the link to that post with everyone you know.

Don’t forget to print out a few copies of the post – SneakerNet is great for getting the word out to the persuadable – leave in public places.