The Neglected Front (UPDATED)

     Leftists play a “long game.” To them, no setback is permanent. They keep the pressure up until they get what they want. After that, they defend their gains with unbridled viciousness and pseudo-conservative sentiments such as “it’s here to stay.” Thomas Sowell has delineated their practices in several of his books.

     The longest “long game” tactic is the corruption of juvenile education. Herewith, three links:

     The Left has been pursuing control of the schools – all the way down to pre-Kindergarten – ever since “public education” became the norm. Leftist strategists have mastered the art of infiltration, colonization, and conquest by which any hierarchical institution can be subverted. They attacked the schools as soon as government shoved its snout into education…and today, the public schools are their conquered territory.

     The staggering amounts of money that flow through the government schools give the Left a degree of power over public policy that’s difficult to appreciate. If you’d like a measure for it, find out what percent of your state’s annual expenditures goes to the schools. Then add the federal “support.” Then ask yourself what makes such gargantuan funding necessary?

     The Left has been in the vanguard of every campaign to add new “requirements” to public education:

  • Sex education? Check.
  • Art education? Check.
  • School-breakfast and school-lunch programs? Check.
  • Counselors of every kind? Check.
  • Remedial programs? Check.
  • Gifted and talented programs? Check.
  • Bilingual – whoops, excuse me, multilingual education? Check.
  • Anti-drinking and anti-drug programs? Check.
  • Mandatory reporting to child-welfare bureaucracies? Check.
  • After-school day-care services? Check.

     I’m certain the above list is incomplete.

     The high-level strategy is simple:

Keep America’s youth under the tutelage and supervision of government functionaries for as many hours day, per week, and per year as possible.

     Then make sure, by the time-honored methods of the Left, that those teaching and supervising the kids are Leftists. Then, by steadily raising the tax exaction for “public education,” render the great majority of American families unable to afford any of the alternatives.

     Today, public-school “sex education” is being used to indoctrinate impressionable pubescents in the acceptability – nay, the glamor — of homosexuality and transgenderism. This, at a phase of life when the kids’ glands are in the driver’s seat, such that they can hardly keep their minds on anything else.

     Victoria Taft writes:

     One doesn’t have to teach the intricacies of gay sex — and why is it always gay, not straight, porn that activists are trying to get into schools, anyway?— to convey the idea that we treat all persons with kindness. Since government schools began in the United States, we got along just fine without porn in the libraries, unless National Geographic counts. What’s magical about this moment that requires us to supply libraries with gay porn now?

     “What’s magical” is that the Left has disposed of all attempts at concealment. It is celebrating its triumph, confident that no effective opposition to it is possible. And it is correct.

     Keep your kids out of the public schools, no matter what you must sacrifice to do so.

     UPDATE: Have a little fresh evidence.

You don’t really need to find out what’s going on
You don’t really want to know just how far it’s gone
Just leave well enough alone
[Don Henley]