Mask Droppings

     I’ve written this before: When the two parties are agreed on the problems but differ on the methods, the American system of government can function as intended, though not without the occasional bump in the road. However, when the parties don’t agree on the problems, or assign them radically different priorities, trouble ensues. Sometimes war or a major economic crisis will result.

     But the Democrats and Republicans haven’t agreed on what constitutes a problem for several decades. Indeed, there have been times when the Democrats were more concerned with cementing themselves into permanent power than with anything that could arguably be called the good of the nation. Now is such a time, and the Democrats’ strategists and power-brokers have failed to conceal it. Indeed, it appears that they’ve stopped trying.

     One of the giveaways is when “lesser” Democrat officeholders start criticizing those placed above them. A few links:

     Granted that the illegal alien invasion is one of the hottest current issues, it was once next to sacrilege for state-level executives or legislators of any level to criticize a first-term president from their own party during his re-election campaign. Yet that’s become a frequent sort of news item in recent months. If the Democrats’ top dogs can’t silence nor mollify those outside the Administration, the party is in deep trouble come November. Assuming they can’t steal a second term for Biden, that is.

     But they have no intention of backing away from their open-border policy. There are plenty of giveaways there, too:

     The whole country is screaming under the stress the army of illegals has put upon us. Very few districts have escaped the effects. But what does the Usurper-in-Chief deem the most important of all America’s problems? Ukraine! After keeping Donald Trump off the November ballot, of course.

     At this point, only the willfully blind could fail to see the writing on the wall. The Democrat Party is deliberately intensifying the stresses on the nation. Illegal immigration, breakneck borrowing to expand the federal bureaucracies, a torrent of unjustifiable regulations of everything from cars to washing machines, and unnecessarily entangling the U.S. in foreign wars top the list. Their strategists remember that the last time things got really bad, Republicans lined up behind an openly anti-Constitutional, almost totalitarian Democrat regime.

     It’s almost certainly going to get worse. The illegals will continue to flood into the country. The dollar will continue to lose value. Federal interference in a multitude of properly private choices will continue to advance. And the Usurpers will continue to send American money and materiel to the corrupt Zelenskiy regime in Ukraine.

     Don’t look to politics of any sort for the solution. Even a second term for Donald Trump would be badly hobbled by the surly resistance of the majority of Republican legislators to his initiatives. There’s a reason so much of what Trump accomplished in his first term was so easily undone by the Usurpers.

     There is a solution, but it’s become vanishingly unlikely. And it doesn’t involve voting. You’ll have to decide for yourself what stance you’ll take. For my part, I’m buying more ammo while I can still get it.


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  1. You could be forced to “shelter” an illegal alien, or a bunch of them, in your own home.

    Not entirely a quip: This threat can be ended by demonstrating the many ways it violates the 3rd amendment.

    • OneGuy on January 15, 2024 at 10:01 AM

    This is  a planned invasion of replacement citizens/voters so that Democrats can gain complete control over the country for the next 100 years.  This was planned by Democrats in the early 60’s and this is the end phase of the plan.  Everyone who supports this is a traitor to our country.

    • Mike on January 15, 2024 at 2:48 PM

    Pascal, If we were living in sane times, your statement would have merit. However, we haven’t been living in sane times for a while now. The 3rd Amendment has been violated? They couldn’t care less. Here in the People’s Republic of New York, the mental midget currently sitting in the governors mansion just got a law passed giving the state the right to take you off the street for “public health concerns” (Such concerns as spelled out in the new law are rather vague and specious) and not only detain you indefinitely, but allow the state to perform medical experiments on you while you’re being detained.

    I’m sure that there is an amendment in the Constitution that deals with this and yet the governor and state of New York couldn’t care less about it.

    • George Mckay on January 15, 2024 at 4:15 PM

    My greatest fear is that when Bidet (or his designate) loses and Trump is going to be the President the shit will hit the fan.  They have nothing to lose and all bets will be off.  Nobody will be safe and you better be packing and teach your family to do likewise.  Forewarned is forearmed.

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