Winter is Here!

And it’s never difficult to get kids from the North out of bed when it snows.

They do so, because the School Closings start early. But, those of you from the South, it has to be a LOT more than a light dusting.

One to three inches is unlikely to shut a school, unless it’s accompanied by subzero temps AND the likelihood of more – MUCH more snow.

Ice storms can do it, as most kids no longer walk to school, but are bussed or driven by parents.

It helps that people in the North know how to dress/drive in the winter weather. AND have the clothes, tools, and experience to do it. We wear scarves, not as a fashion statement, but to keep from freezing our respiratory system. We cover our mouthed and noses. We put cold cream or petroleum jelly on exposed parts, lest we get frost bitten parts.

We wear multiple layers, even fashion-conscious women (the unders of choice are Cuddle Duds, and thin but warm replacement for the Long John’s of my youth). Amazon has good prices on them, in multiple colors and sizes.

Other ideas include Arctic Tights, wool socks (Don’t forget to buy your boots about 1/2 to a size larger to accommodate the extra thickness).

Hint for teens – use TWO pairs of gloves. One the thin stretchy ones that have cell-friendly tips, and a heavier pair of gloves or mittens, I don’t judge – to wear over them.

Don’t forget to put your windshield wipers up. You don’t want them to freeze to the windshield.