The Value of Contrarians

I was reading in the middle of the night (our dog is sickly, and I was keeping an eye on him), and happened upon this Substack post about dissident thinkers.

For those who aren’t aware of Substack, it is the platform that first gained some traction when they allowed people to seamlessly ask for, and manage, individual subscriptions to a blog. Unlike Google or other large ‘monetizers’, Substack doesn’t penalize those with few followers, but allows them the same opportunity as the ‘Big Guys’ to make money off their writing.

Even those who formerly wrote on their own hosted site started switching to Substack. That was probably facilitated by the lessening money being made by bloggers. Over the last few years, ads, sponsorships, and readership have been plummeting. I think it’s probably the competition from the non-text alternatives – initially YouTube and Pinterest, but now Instagram, TikTok, and other media focusing on short, video-based content.

Full Disclosure: I have a substack blog, which, so far, is based on a free subscription. I chose to allow subscribers, as I wanted to have a connection with the readers.

Even dealing with the normal learning curve, Substack is a LOT easier to use than either Blogger or WordPress. It has some very useful tools – analytics, seamless management of paid subscriptions, email links to subscribers, the usual editing tools, and the ability to promote your blog on the main landing page, through Notes.

So it’s easy to understand why the platform has grown so quickly.

Many shifted their blogs to Substack – some in tandem with another site (hey, after the quick rise of platforms, coupled with the equally quick disappearance of many of them, I cannot fault their caution).

Some of those blogs were what you might call Dissident – they offered content that was sceptical of mainstream thought.

And, that was the problem – for the Left-leaning Karens. It just wouldn’t DO for Non-Leftists to have a fair chance to get their message out.

So the Leftist PTB decided to smear some of their target with the ‘N’ word.

No, not THAT word. The OTHER ‘N’ word.


That’s right. Without a shred of evidence, the Left imposed their ultimate weapon upon some struggling writers, expecting Substack to fold.

Which they didn’t.

The value of resistance is explained in that blog post that I mentioned at the beginning of this message. And, the answer of

Why do the Leftists attack relatively mild Dissidence?

Because it’s dangerous to their complete control.