Yes, they really are that stupid and evil.

The government thinks that ARs can shoot 600 rounds a second. And one of the Democrat idiotic trained barking seals on the court thinks that’s totally wrong. It’s 800 rounds a second, according to that diversity hire who can’t define a woman.

Well, no wonder people are so afraid of the AR platform! That wimpy gun the GAU-8 Avenger can only spit out a paltry 65 rounds a second!

(pictured: a slow, weak gun for pussies, unlike the death-spewing AR platform.)

Aerial top view of gray jet aircraft flying above green and brown patchy earth surface. Under each wings are hard points for weapons. The two engines are located aft of the wings and in front of two fin units.

(this plane is a total pussy, unlike my devastating 800 rounds per second AR.)

Katanji Brown Jackson is proof that you can be educated and still be a total idiot. She was hired because she was black, not because she was qualified. in fact, her complete and total inability to even define what a woman is means she’s dumber than we think she is, and that she’ll faithfully vomit up whatever garbage word salad is required in order to push her slavemaster’s narrative. Such as jumping in to trump the FedGov’s argument “It’s not six hundred a second, it’s EIGHT HUNDRED a second!” She must be so proud that she’s helping to destroy the 2nd Amendment and further bring about her master’s ultimate plan of disarming the people of this county.

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    • Adrienne on February 29, 2024 at 7:51 PM

    Didn’t realize you had retired (even though I knew it was coming.) Have you settled here again?  Give me a shout out if you want some free coffee  🙂 You should be able to see my email

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