The Diversity Hire strikes again

She’s either dumber than a wet sack of hammers, or she’s evil. There are no other options.

In Monday’s oral arguments for Murthy v. Missouri, Jackson appeared to be skeptical that the government could not censor social media posts in “the most important time periods.”“

My biggest concern is that your view has the First Amendment hamstringing the government in significant ways in the most important time periods,” Jackson said to Louisiana Solicitor General Benjamin Aguiñaga.

That’s right, the diversity hire is worried that the First Amendment is going to hamstring the government’s efforts to censor the American people.

Folks, this country is pretty much done. It was a good ride, but when you have someone on the Supreme Court who doesn’t understand what the First Amendment is there for, it’s like the country has stage four cancer. And this is the same woman who couldn’t actually define what a woman is, despite the fact that the only reason she was up for the job in the first place was because she was a black woman.

Well, and her willingness to shred the US Constitution and use it to wipe her ass. THAT was the real reason she was picked. The fact that she’s obviously dumb as a stump is just a bonus for Joe Biden’s puppet masters. Her willingness to lie through her teeth. Mr. Porretto pointed out that the Left will use shamelessness as a political weapon, and this here is the picture perfect example of it. Does anyone think that this diversity hire couldn’t define what a woman is? “I’m not a biologist.” Neither am I but I can see the difference between a man and a woman. I can see the difference between a judge to actually protects the Constitution and a shameless, stupid political whore doing what her masters tell her to do.

Going back to my theme from the other day, there’s nothing local I can do about the diversity hire sitting on the highest court of the land. But I can damn sure vote so that I don’t have any diversity hires at the local level. You can as well. You just have to do a little research before voting time to see what kind of people are lining up to be judges in your county.

And buy more ammo. Before the diversity hire tries to make that illegal as well.


  1. She’s either dumber than a wet sack of hammers, or she’s evil.

    Embrace the cleansing power of “and”, amigo.

  2. Yes, she is evil and like sotomayor and kagan, all three are rubber stamps for whatever the left wants. I blame the republicans in congress for both of them – jackson and sotomayor – being allowed to sit on the high court (I have nothing but contempt for Kagan, but she at least has a modicum of intelligence.) sotomayor is a rabid, anti-white bigot who has a tremendous chip on her shoulder, regarding her “qualifications”, meaning that she knows she’s unqualified and the only reason she’s there is because the right were too cowardly to point out her bigotry because they were afraid of being called “racists”. The only words that should be coming out of jacksons mouth are “Would you like fries with that?” I cannot remember who it was, but around twelve years ago I was listening to an interview with a guy who stated that going forward, the only candidates you will see from the left are minority women, specifically black women. He added, “They are the lefts most loyal constituents, so you’ll see them filling more and more positions of authority especially positions like DA’s, attorney general’s, judgeships and the like. The ruling class will use them as a buffer between them and the working class, especially the white working class. The fact that most of these women harbor a tremendous racial animus towards the afore mentioned whites will be icing on the cake for them, as they know that they can treat them with a particular viciousness that they will never have to answer for. Republican lawmakers will be scared to death to publicly call into account any of their actions, as the mere hint of being labeled a racist, will be enough to deter any and all criticism.” Again, I blame republicans for this mess because none other than Alan Dershowitz publicly criticized both sotomayor and jackson for the problems they created while on the bench. sotomayor, for her open bigotry towards whites and jackson, for almost a dozen instances of judicial overreach that, “A first year law school student would have known were not only a violation of the Constitution, but were also a clear violation of the separation of powers.” And yet, as usual, they did nothing.

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