When Someone Else Says It Perfectly…

     I can only cite, quote, and applaud:

     If you’re on the fence or thinking of sitting this one out because Trump offends your sensibilities, then please be aware that your sensibilities are going to get this country killed. Really. The Democrats are right about one thing — there is a threat to democracy, or, more precisely, the Republic. They’re it.
     There is no room for feelings in this election. It’s big-boy and big-girl pants time. Freedom-loving people need to come together to make sure that the real United States of America survives past the 2024 election. Oh, it’ll still be called the United States of America if Biden wins, but it’ll be operating with an entirely new set of rules that don’t have anything to do with the Constitution.

     Bravo, Stephen.

     Power politics may be the essence of the problem – I certainly think so – but for the moment, too many people still cling to the notion that we must have government. Our trembling anarcho-capitalist hand is forced. Trump 2024.

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  1. The best way I’ve heard it put, I think from Stephen Kruiser, ‘You’re voting for a President, not a prom date.’

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