Avert Your Eyes, Citizen!

     In this Year of Our Lord 2024, there are a multitude of things of which We the People are not supposed to take notice. The graphic just below lists a hefty few of them, whose effacement is assisted by “our” “news media.” There are others of note, some of them pertaining to the behavioral trends among various demographic cohorts. This morning, one of them is drawing attention:

     MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – All eyes are on Memphis as leaders from states across the country meet in the Bluff City for the first-ever Black Mayors’ Coalition on Crime.
     That coalition, created by Memphis Mayor Paul Young in partnership with the African American Mayors Association, is looking for discussion and solutions around public safety.
     “We are solidified and resolved in the fact that we are stronger together. The national crime data may show some decreases in overall crime stats, but what we discussed today is that if people don’t feel safe, then the statistics don’t matter,” said Mayor Young.
     Whether you’re walking the streets of Memphis and Shelby County, pumping gas, or just sitting in your home, you deserve to feel safe wherever you go.
     “We’re ensuring amongst ourselves that this will not be the last engagement but we will continue to lean in,” said Jackson, Mississippi, Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba.
     Mayors and leaders from Jackson, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Durham, St. Louis and more met Wednesday and Thursday to talk about crime and solutions.

     There’s so much ludicrousness in the above snippet that words fail me, albeit temporarily. But then, they’re black mayors, aren’t they?

     There aren’t a lot of American municipalities where:

  • The population is heavily white, and:
  • The chief executive is black.

     It happens now and then, but rarely. By contrast, when the demographics of a municipality are heavily black, that district tends to elect and appoint blacks to public office. And by the way, that district also tends to have elevated crime and public disorder statistics – sometimes, very elevated. But that’s one of those things we’re not supposed to notice.

     So these black mayors have assembled to discuss “solutions” to the crime problem being produced by “their people.” And what kind of solution do they favor?

     “We have a lot of violence around convenience stores and gas stations,” said St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones. “So how can we hold those business owners accountable and also bring down crime? Some of the things are already doing, we’re finding other mayors are doing as well.”

     You read that right, Gentle Reader. Tishaura Jones wants to hold business owners responsible for not enforcing the law. Does anyone see a wee problem with that approach? Anyone? Bueller?

     The leniency cities have shown to predatory blacks has engendered a special culture among them, especially young black males. That culture is founded on an assumption of privilege: the privilege of breaking the law, even violently, and getting away with it. As that assumption has been treated ever more solicitously these past few years, it’s solidified to diamond hardness. Undoing it will require very harsh measures.


     I wrote some time ago:

     When a society makes special provisions for a particular class of persons, such that those persons have a good expectation of not suffering for illegal or antisocial behavior, it has committed the worst imaginable injustice against the persons in that class who honor their society’s laws and norms: it has equalized the legal, social, and moral positions of good citizens and thugs. Thus, if ninety percent of such a class is law-abiding and decorous while ten percent is violent, dishonest, or disruptive, the latter category will come to overshadow the former in the perceptions of persons outside the class — not because ten percent is a majority, but because that anti-social subgroup is identified with the class’s special set of privileges.

     A class is defined by its legal and social privileges. The aristocrats of medieval times were not distinguished by their lineages or their deeds, but by the things they were allowed to do, without penalty, that commoners were not. There is reason to believe that the majority of medieval aristocrats were fairly responsible stewards of their lands and of public order within them. That does not justify the creation of a class of men who could wield high, middle, and low justice over others, but who would normally escape all consequences for deeds for which a commoner would be severely punished.

     I also wrote, long ago:

     [W]e know from historical data that predators of all sorts will concentrate where the prey is fattest.

     So if any Gentle Reader has been wondering why blacks concentrate in cities – the larger, the better – you have your answer. Black politicians will naturally pursue concentrations of black residents. After all, where would their electoral prospects be better than in a heavily black city? And of course, the effective insulation from legal penalties granted to the residents is repaid by regularly returning the politicians to office.

     As the man said in the movie, don’t look at me; I didn’t do it. Though I’m regularly excoriated for noticing it.


     I could go on, but there’s no need. Charles Murray, who doesn’t get a tenth of the acclaim he deserves, has already done the spadework, and besides, I have an essay to write on the drug problem. Violent crimes and crimes against property are on the rise in cities and municipalities where blacks are overrepresented, and just about nowhere else in this blessed land. Black politicians strain mightily to blame the crime rates of the places that elect them on anything else. But in suburbs around those cities where zoning, housing costs, and general aversion has kept black occupancy down, the crime rate is far lower.

     It’s not racism. Decide for yourself what it is. And see if you can muster the courage to say it where others can hear.

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  1. Good Morning,

    I am reminded of a number of crimes committed by them over the last few days, particularly the one where the woman went on a shooting spree because “God” told her to. Or the mayor Chicongo demanding the investigation of car manufacturers for producing cars that “makes blacks want to steal them.” One of my kids asked me why they would do such a thing and my response was that they are admitting what they are, unfit for life in a first-world society. It really is that simple and that video footage of Benjamin Crump and Sharpton a few weeks back where Crump comes right out and admits that yes, we are like that and Americas laws are going to have to be changed to accommodate us. It’s time to bring back Freedom of Association as a starting point, with the ultimate goal being resegregation and a national divorce. There is simply no other way for us to exist.

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