Sure, Go Ahead And Elect Blacks

     But don’t act surprised by what you get:

     BALTIMORE (TND) — Baltimore City Mayor Brandon Scott shared his disappointment Tuesday that too much public money has gone to arts organizations that “just happen to be White-ran.”
     The comment came during the announcement of a $3.6 million “Diversity in Arts” grant funded by COVID-19 relief dollars. Capital grant recipients include the The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum on North Avenue and the Reginald F. Lewis Museum.

     For too long, public dollars have simply just gone to the big names and the big players in town,” Mayor Scott said. “And dare I say, I know my staff is going to hate this, the big names and big players in town that just happen to be White-ran organizations in Baltimore.”

     How do you suppose this would go over if the races were reversed?