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The Ugliest Front In The Race Wars

     Full disclosure: I’m married. I’m not going anywhere except to the grave. Hopefully, neither is my wife. So you wouldn’t think the subject of racial preferences in dating would be of intense personal interest to me. However, as it happens, I have some relevant experience with interracial dating: all of it bad.      It’s …

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War Against Whites News

     This is for the moron who called me a racist — Oh boo hoo! I’m gonna cry! — for this piece:      Have a nice day, Anonymous asshole.

An Idea With Some Odd Historicity

     Revolver News has the idea:      Want to strike a blow against cancel culture and the power of the media? Then don’t simply complain, do something: Make it legally risky to throw around the allegations that are a canceller’s bread and butter. Expand defamation law, and make clear that bogus accusations of being a …

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     (No, not “reparations.” Spelling matters at Liberty’s Torch. We’re carful about it. We proofread very carfully, both for spelling and to make sure we don’t any words out.)      These days it seems like every noisy group in America wants “our own space.” That means different things to different people, of course, but the …

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Homicide Rates: Racism Or…Something Else?

     Jared Taylor has the numbers, courtesy of the FBI – and virtually no platform but BitChute is willing to host his presentation: BitChute embedding powered by      The numbers tell quite a different tale from that purveyed by our mainstream media.

Unforced And Uncorrected Errors

     In his book In Pursuit: Of Happiness and Good Government, one of Charles Murray’s arguments for the policies he advocates is that they watch the correct “dependent variables:”      When the way we add up results is combined with the difficulties of operationalizing hard-to-reify constructs, the nature of what I call “the dependent variable …

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The Political Function Of Racism

     I cribbed the title above from a chapter in one of the books on my Most Admired list: Jean-Francois Revel’s masterwork The Flight From Truth: The Reign of Deceit in an Age of Information. In that chapter, Revel does a masterful job of delineating the Left’s perversion of what was once a simple, precisely …

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