There Are Days The Satires Write Themselves

     They seem to be particularly rife on Mondays. Consider this bit of nonsense:

     Anti-chippers are the latest group of awful people we now have to worry about

     They’re paranoid, don’t believe in science, many have white supremacist tendencies, and most importantly they want you to know that microchip implants are super duper scary. They’re anti-chippers, and they’ve got literally dozens more braincells than your average anti-vaxxer. So, what’s their deal?

     The coronavirus pandemic has the world’s most brilliant minds scrambling to find treatments, vaccines, and ways to improve public health going forward. One such savior is Bill Gates, the child-loving philanthropist who founded Microsoft. His proposal is to put a teeny tiny piece of silicone under everyone’s skin to improve lives by reducing healthcare costs and keeping track of the unhealthy.

     Now what could possibly be bad about health professionals and doctors keeping Americans safe and healthy? You’d be surprised (or not).

     There’s no need to read the rest. The publication, AFRU, bills itself as “a Black-led and majority Black-owned startup that combines fashion and streetwear with lifestyle commentary to create a strong social justice brand that is relevant and attractive to folks from all walks of life.” Is further comment necessary?

     These days, intelligent people have plenty of questions about “health professionals and doctors keeping Americans safe and healthy.” Of course, the average intelligence of AFRU’s customer base being…what it is, perhaps those customers won’t think to ask those questions in time to keep remote monitoring (and only God knows what else) devices out of their bodies. Talk about a 21st-Century plantation, eh? What overseer wouldn’t drool over the prospect of knowing exactly where all the slaves are at all times?

     Considering the revelations about COVID-19s origins and the origins of its “variants,” I think I’ll pass on being “chipped.” How about you, Gentle Reader?


    • SiG on September 4, 2023 at 3:56 PM

    One such savior is Bill Gates, the child-loving philanthropist who founded Microsoft.


    child-loving philanthropist“???  Child-loving as in being a regular visitor to Epstein’s island?  It certainly isn’t in the sense of doing everything for their betterment.


    I would say that as an engineer, I’m not technically a degreed scientist – as I believe you and I have in common.  It’s just that I can apparently do the math on the pandemic better than those that presented it to us.  In particular, I can apparently do math far better than most medical doctors and epidemiologists, who consistently act as if correlation guarantees causation and there is no such thing as confounding variables.


    Get chipped?  Not on their life.  Not until the people who are behind these things start behaving like something other than commissioned sales people pushing a product to earn their supper.   The use of the word silicon in my blog ID is to denote earning the gray working on silicon devices after all.


    • Drumwaster on September 4, 2023 at 4:18 PM

    If someone wants to inject small bits of metal into my body without consent, I’ll be sure to inject small pieces of metal into their body with a similar lack of consent. Just at a higher velocity and with a lot more noise.


    Fair’s fair. If, on the other hand, they would rather not risk that outcome, then they need to remember that the whole reason behind hanging people at Nuremburg was NOT the experiments being performed (see what college students will sign up for with drug testing protocols), but the LACK OF CONSENT.

  1. Ya’ know, the would-be tyrants are dumb. Just dumb.

    They are working overtime to get governments to FORCE their citizens/subjects to ‘get the chip’, when any guy on the street could tell you, just dangle a goodie in front of them – new highly desired gadget at a huge discount, free cable for 3 months, whatever – and they will push others aside to be the first in line to get ALL the family chipped.

    The carrot – even a cheap bag of carrots – is FAR more powerful than the stick.

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