The Trope That Never Expires

     …is racism. Supposedly, American society is so pervaded by racism and the attendant maltreatment of Negroes that their physical health is being degraded:

     Health disparities are the topic under scrutiny in today’s episode of Everything Is RacistTM. According to an investigative series by the Associated Press, black people are the biggest victims of these disparities from birth to death. Black Americans are more likely to have asthma, Alzheimer’s, high mortality rates among pregnant moms and young babies, poor teen mental health, and high blood pressure. And it’s all the fault of the oppressive white institutions, if the AP is to be believed.

     Remarkable. And of course, the AP being a reputable news outlet, we simply must take it on faith that racism is the reason. After all, isn’t racism the reason Sudan hasn’t yet put a man on the Moon? But the possibility that it’s black racism against non-blacks is not considered.

     Yea verily, even black children are afflicted:

     According to the AP, “More than 12% of Black kids nationwide suffer from the disease, compared with 5.5% of white children.” The article grudgingly admits that genetics are against some of these kids. It also conveniently neglects to say what percentage of these children are genetically predisposed to this condition.

     The article blames asthma cases in black children on social/environmental factors. In other words, these kids — just like many whites — live in polluted inner cities and moldy rental houses, and/or suffer from a lack of access to healthcare. The supposed inequity is that blacks are trapped in a poor socioeconomic cycle because “racist” institutions are against them. Racism, in this case, seems to be a filler excuse for not changing circumstances to better the lives of their children.

     Interesting! But ponder for a moment the single biggest cause of death among black teenagers: homicide. Moreover, in the overwhelming majority of those killings, no non-black is involved. So racism is absent from at least one “health disparity”…unless black kids are killing one another out of their racism against themselves. As for the less…terminal effects, how many of them are genetic in origin, as was the terrible plague of alcoholism among American Indians during the colonial era? And how many could be ameliorated by the diversion of family resources to better health care and improved living environments?

     Do I detect a bit of “special pleading” in these articles? Just possibly: the author of the cited articles is the Associated Press’s “national investigative race writer” Kat Stafford:

     Sorry Miss Stafford: your Race Card has been rejected as “credit limit exceeded.” Do you have another?

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    • Evil Franklin on June 6, 2023 at 9:05 AM

    Racism. I’m sorry did you say something. Racism? Isn’t that where negroes blame everybody else for their lack of everything. Oh, no, that’s a game on the internet I saw once. Or was it in the arcade. Wait, I know. That was Joe Biden, way back when he was a senator, telling us he didn’t want “those people” mixing in.
    Way back before new phobias were created just like money, out of thin air.

    Evil Franklin

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