Dead Giveaways Dept.

     Consider this tweet:

     …in the light of this revelation:

     And contemplate this observation by Chris Rock:

     To quote Chris Rock when he hears a black person proudly say, “I take care of my kids!” – YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS!!!!

     Time was, we didn’t give merit badges to blacks for doing things that whites are expected to do – and to do without being rewarded or praised for it. American Negroes have faced a left-wing cultivation strategy that has made them expect such rewards. Indeed, they expect to be rewarded for not breaking the law. When they don’t get such rewards, this can happen:

     …and this:

     …but this is “hate speech:”

     …as is this:

     I became unwilling to hear further racial hectoring quite some time ago, at which point I started to react against it, largely as follows:

     Sanctimonious Leftist: You’re a racist!
     Fran Porretto: And damned proud of it, baby. But do you know why I’m a racist?
     SL: (sneering) I can hardly wait to hear it.
     FWP: Because you made me one.

     This is sometimes followed by dumbfounded silence, though now and then the conversation will continue along these lines:

     SL: (shocked) How can you say such a thing?
     FWP: Because it’s true. You’re my stand-in for everyone on your side of the political fence, while I represent my own. I wanted nothing but to be left in peace, to get along with my neighbors as best I can regardless of the color of their skins. You refused to permit it. You’ve emphasized race at every opportunity. You’ve harped on racial injustices in the distant past as if they were the doing of contemporary whites. You’ve taught American blacks and Hispanics to think of themselves as helpless victims of “Whitey.” You’ve agitated ceaselessly for racial preferences in the law, and you’ve usually gotten them. You’ve excused non-white criminals, traitors, and other miscreants on the grounds that “they couldn’t do otherwise in this oppressive society.” You’ve granted a wholly undeserved degree of respect to racialist hucksters like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Julian Bond, Toure, Melissa Harris-Perry, and hundreds of others. You’ve used ordinary words and idioms as justifications for destroying decent men’s lives and careers. You’ve used cries of “racism!” to silence anyone who disagrees with you about anything. Worst of all, you’ve got everyone in the whole damned country seeing race everywhere, and afraid to speak his mind if it might somehow touch on that subject. But now that whites are showing some racial consciousness, voting and relocating and arming to protect our own from the groups you’ve sheltered and coddled, you find that you dislike what you’ve wrought? Choke on it!

At that point the conversation usually trails off, though it might continue one exchange longer:

     SL: I…didn’t mean to do any of that.
     FWP: If I accept your claim of good intentions, it makes you an idiot who shouldn’t be allowed out of the house alone, much less permitted to have a voice in national discourse. But if you did intend this outcome, you’re one of the worst villains in American history and deserve nothing but my contempt. In either case, get away from me.

     I find that a rising number of whites – especially older whites – are reaching the same conclusions and state of mind as have I. We’ve simply had our noses rubbed in the facts too many times, and in too many ways.

     People are waking up to the realities of our “multiracial society.” They can’t be hidden when respected researchers and scholars are willing to compile the evidence for us. Eventually, racial segregation will return. The only question remaining is how much violence will be required to get there.

     See also this Baseline Essay.


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    • Abbe Faria on August 16, 2023 at 10:31 AM

    (Pointing above)
    Now, ya see, son, *that’s* how you pump out a quick rant in the mornin’.
    Like tearing off a band-aid quick, or ripping a good hard
    fart in front of the wife, there’s gotta be a little zing to it!
    Does a body good, eh?

  1. Shocking video captured the moment a quick-thinking Long Island cop, responding to a report of a woman firing a gun into the air, used his police vehicle to sideswipe a woman who was waving a gun in the street.

    • George Mckay on August 17, 2023 at 6:23 AM

    Even my dear wife (who never talks politics) said “Why do they have to talk race all the time?”  My beloved is absolutely correct here.  Why do “they” have to talk race all the time?  Because they got nothin else!  
    The entire leftist cause would collapse if racism were to stop rearing it’s ugly head in the public discourse.  We all would be better off should that happen but, the left will not permit it.  They will lie, cheat and steal their way to absolute power using all options including but not limited to racism, obfuscation, outright lies, corrupt elections, corrupt DA’s, corrupt politicians… get the message – they all and I mean ALL lie, cheat and steal.  Both sides are guilty of it however, the left has taken it to new levels of evil and corruption.
    What is the cure you might ask?  Well, I am no genius but for starters we must get rid of a corrupt president (small p is right here) and get a go getter in the position like DJT.  For all his foibles DJT is the only one of the current crop who is even remotely capable and willing to destroy the leftist hold on our country.   I am not one of those who believe that Trump is perfect – OH HELL NO!   Trump is a bloviating, arrogant blowhard whose single redeeming characteristic is a fervent love of this nation and desire to restore it to it’s once great status.  In the current crop of idiots, miscreants and pansies Trump is the only one who has no ties to the deep state and nothing to lose if the left were to suddenly dry up and blow away.
    I leave you with one final thought.  Our once great nation is sliding down the slippery slope of degeneracy and evil at an accelerating pace.  We have very little time to stop this and should anything happen to derail Trump – ANYTHING our beloved country cannot and likely will not right itself.  The remaining candidates are Trump light at best and diametrically opposed at the worst.  Vote like your life and future depends on it because it does.

    • Cranky old coot on August 17, 2023 at 6:26 PM

    Bravo Fran, bravo!

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