Impossible To Title

     I could play the clueless pseudo-conservative and ask “What are we to make of this?” But I think my Gentle Readers would know better:

     So straining, however hopelessly, to raise Negro children to the academic norms met by white and Asian children is racism? Oh, very well. What “Free BlackThought” may not have realized is that given the premise, keeping Negro kids in the same schools as whites is pointless. Indeed, I could make a good case that it’s cruelly prejudicial against white kids. But no one wants to hear that.

     Let’s postulate, just for the sake of argument, that “Free Black Thought’s” clearly expressed opinion above is that of the majority of American Negroes. All by itself, that would doom any attempt to educate Negro kids. The attitude would be impossible for parents to conceal from their children – which would inexorably prejudice the kids against all attempts to encourage them to learn. No matter what might happen in the classroom, once Junior is back home, he’ll be taught, subliminally at least, that he’s being force-fed “whiteness.” And Negro kids have been propagandized to reject every variation on that recipe, no matter how nutritious.

     Can you think of a more effective way to paralyze the Negro race in this country – to lock generation after generation of Negro kids into social and economic incapacity, and to marry it to an inbred hatred of whites?

     Given the abysmal performance of Negro children in academic settings, I could easily believe that they’ve been hearing this message for some time. But as I’ve said before, every effect has more than one cause. Given statistically lower IQs, a greater propensity toward aggression and lawbreaking, and a cultural bath that repeatedly tells Negro youth that they’re victims and oppressed, perhaps the “reject education as racism” message isn’t really necessary to guarantee sub-white academic performance by Negro kids.

     And why worry? After all, they can always become gangsters or drug dealers.


    • Anonymous on October 3, 2023 at 7:28 AM

    And this is Exhibit A of why you will never, never, ever improve the lot of black people. They will fight to the death any attempt to do so, and continue to blame their problems on racism. Don’t even waste your time trying. Move onto more constructive pursuits.

    What a world we live in.


    • foot in the forest on October 3, 2023 at 8:56 AM

    I am a construction foreman. Commercial HVAC is the trade. Have been doing this since 1986. In all the trades whether classified by the Army Corps of Engineers as skilled or learned the rarest color of skin is Black. Skilled = apprentice program formal schooling, learned=On the job training only. This is the Corps definition not mine. I have worked with every size, shape, color, and yes sex, of human being on jobsites up and down the front range of Colorado. From the superintendent at the highest, to the laborer sweeping up, Black’s as a race are very rare on construction sites.

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