And So It Begins

Actually, this sabotage of public utilities and essential services has been in process for some time. But, this is providing a fresh reason to Kick the Bastards OUT!

And, I’m NOT assuming that this was caused by illegals. I’m at least 1/2 way sure that this is domestic terrorism (not the “We just want to have a ‘thing’ to blame all our problems on White People”, but sleeper agents or their home-grown sympathizers.

I don’t care whether it’s caused by aliens or citizens. They need to leave – permanently, AFTER their hopefully very long sentence. And, no leniency for “well-meaning kids”. If you’re old enough to commit a crime against your own country, you need to leave for good.

My tolerance for “protests” and “activism” that includes crimes is NIL. Try ’em, confine ’em, and make ’em leave.