I Can’t Say I LIKE This Essay…

…but it’s one that brings up some points I – most of us – need to think about.

How would a war affect our own situation? Like it or not, it’s probably the likeliest outcome of the desperate Dem attempts to keep Trump out of office.

They’ve tried a soft, expensive, distracting war with Ukraine as the proxy. They’ve implied that Russia should be opposed militarily. They have studiously avoided pointing out that China is in MUCH worse shape than Russia, and seems poised to invade Taiwan.

What’s left but a hot war?

My Take-Away from the essay:

Who is in charge at the state, county, and local level is critical. I think most states might want to consider moving away from the Nationalized Guard system, and create or shore up a State Guard system, with similar benefits/pay. They would also benefit from not being required to be called up for active Army service at the whim of the occupant in the White House. Their mission would be to protect their OWN state.

States should earmark some money for EMP protection of vital utilities, protection of equipment (both physical and video), and other protection for their state.

You can probably think of other measures.