The Chinese Just Love Playing With Deadly Diseases

     A story I wasn’t happy – or surprised – to read:

     Chinese scientists have engineered a virus with parts of Ebola in a lab that killed a group of hamsters.
     A team of researchers at Hebei Medical University used a contagious disease of livestock and added a protein found in Ebola, which allows the virus to infect cells and spread throughout the human body.
     The group of hamsters that received the lethal injection ‘developed severe systemic diseases similar to those observed in human Ebola patients,’ including multi-organ failure,’ the study shared.
     One particularly horrific symptom saw the infected hamsters develop secretions in their eyes, which impaired their vision and scabbed over the surface of the eyeballs
     While the experiment may spark fears of another lab leak, the researchers say their goal was to find the right animal models that can safely mimic Ebola symptoms in a lab setting.

     “May” spark fears of another lab leak? Well, gee, it’s just Ebola, right? It’s just one of the two deadliest hemorrhagic diseases known to medicine, so why worry? Especially since the point of this “experiment” was to downgrade the safety protocols for working with Ebola:

     Ebola needs to be handled in Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4) facilities which are special high security laboratories, while many are only BLS-2.
     To work around this in a lower security setting, scientists used a different virus called vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV), which they engineered to carry part of the Ebola virus that’s called glycoprotein (GP) that plays a crucial role in helping the virus enter and infect cells of its host.

     Never imagine that this…experiment could be carried out without the approval of the Chinese government…nor without the knowledge and tacit acceptance of the United States government.

     I think I’ll just sit in the corner in fetal position and shiver for a while.


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  1. My first thought was: return the action with a bio-weapon on the lab.
    I cooled off, though.
    Bring back import fees for all China-made or sourced materials and parts.
    Let them try to live on what the rest of the world orders.

    • Daniel K Day on May 7, 2024 at 12:09 PM

    one of the two deadliest hemorrhagic diseases known to medicine

    What’s the other one, Marburg?

    1. Yes.

    • Scott Freitas on May 7, 2024 at 11:44 PM

    I’ve long dreaded the advancements made in virology. It makes me not even fear nuclear weapons any more. Nukes are just matches in comparison with a living organism willfully engineered by the human mind to kill other humans.

    Nukes are easily controllable. They don’t mutate or change on their own. They’ve very fragile as usable machinery; neglect the critical maintenance of any nuclear ICBM for long and it becomes more likely to detonate inside its own silo, than to detonate 5,000 miles away precisely when and how you want it.

    The CCP are truly Godless. They are allowing virology to be performed within an utterly Godless, arrogant lunatic setting. They do not believe anything virologists can do could somehow kill China, or its people, because the CCP is in control and nothing bad ever happens to China that the CCP doesn’t allow. That’s their RELIGION.

    Meanwhile, Christians just keep praying that the restraining power of the Holy Spirit will keep the CCP from wiping out billions with their deliberate, willful engineering of virological weapons.

    Why so confident? There is nothing I read in the Bible that demands more than one man and one woman to exist on Earth in order for life to continue, to repopulate (basically).

    Okay; granting genetic degradation over these previous millenia, we still wind up not needing very many men and women to re-populate a world devastated by viruses, or just a virus.

    If China were to wipe out 99.6% of the world’s populace due to a bio-engineered virus decimating humanity, I still can’t find anything in Revelation or anywhere else that would be canceled out. There are no dates given. AD 70 seems to have accomplished most of Revelation, or certainly much of it.

    I definitely see way more potential for a virus to be the “end of the world” than anything nuclear.

    And yet the U.N. and everyone else seems content to let the CCP do whatever in Hell they want to, inside Wuhan and other such places.

    We’re all just supposed to pretend that China under the CCP would never allow a bio-engineered virus to escape, or be used deliberately and then CLAIMED as being a mistake (Covid, imo).

    Yeah, well. Somehow this American Christian nobody spots obvious dangers the TikTok crowd never cares to discuss. Or even WOULD.

    Cuz supposedly your average sexually immoral far-from-virginal American woman is more scared of being raped than dying. Cuz you know, they cherish and guard and preserve their sexual purity sooooo zealously…


    Oops. Getting too long, here… cya!









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