Further Symptoms Of Butkeritis-Induced Psychosis

     I believe this is called “living in their heads rent-free:”

     The Kansas City Star, a newspaper based in Kansas City, Missouri, ignited a fiery debate with its latest opinion piece, advocating for the Kansas City Chiefs to oust their star kicker, Harrison Butker, in favor of a female kicker.
     This radical suggestion follows Butker’s commencement speech at Benedictine College, which has drawn both acclaim and criticism.
     During the 2024 commencement ceremony at Benedictine, Butker took the podium with a robust defense of traditional values, emphasizing the dignity of life, the pivotal role of masculinity, and the sanctity of motherhood.
     His comments included critiques of Biden’s stance on abortion and gender identity issues, contrasting them sharply with traditional Catholic values.
     The editorial by Peter Hamm in the Kansas City Star didn’t just critique Butker’s “outdated” comments; it proposed a radical solution: replacing him with a female kicker.

     I love it. These…people are so lost in their fantasies, and so utterly unwilling to be contradicted, that they must “cancel” Butker and anathematize every word he said at a graduation ceremony at a small Catholic college!

     There are several factors at work here. First is the nature of Butker’s talk, which was utterly wholesome, entirely in line with Catholic doctrine on the sanctity of life. He emphasized the critical importance of marriage, motherhood, and family, a message diametrically opposed to the feminist cant that’s been slathered over young women from every major-media outlet. That alone would be enough to enrage the Left, even were it to come from a relative nonentity. But Harrison Butker is a star NFL football player. He has more reach, and commands more attention, than most commencement speakers. And to make matters worse – for the Left, that is – he walks it like he talks it. He’s the living embodiment of everything he said to those young graduates.

     The Left couldn’t let that go – not even at a small Catholic college. Butker must be destroyed! And so we’ve seen what’s followed.

     But they’re failing. They can rave and shriek, but they can’t bring him down.

     A moron at another site criticized Butker on the grounds that “women don’t like to be told how to live.” Geez, isn’t that what the feminists have been doing? Isn’t that what all the women’s talk shows have been doing? Isn’t that what Linda Hirshman did here?

     Women who want to have sex and children with men as well as good work in interesting jobs where they may occasionally wield real social power need guidance, and they need it early. Step one is simply to begin talking about flourishing. In so doing, feminism will be returning to its early, judgmental roots. This may anger some, but it should sound the alarm before the next generation winds up in the same situation. Next, feminists will have to start offering young women not choices and not utopian dreams but solutions they can enact on their own. Prying women out of their traditional roles is not going to be easy. It will require rules — rules like those in the widely derided book The Rules, which was never about dating but about behavior modification.
     There are three rules: Prepare yourself to qualify for good work, treat work seriously, and don’t put yourself in a position of unequal resources when you marry.

     It’s impossible to satirize the Left any longer. Leftists are all but uniformly caricatures. Nothing makes it more evident than when someone dares to differ with them, especially about such trivia as the sanctity of life and the overwhelming importance of marriage and family. In a way, it’s for the best. After all, if they weren’t constantly screaming Stalinist cant from their media perches, we might forget how vile they are.

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    • David Davies on May 20, 2024 at 1:38 PM

    Just listened to the entire speech. I find nothing objectionable.  Brilliant speech.

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