Holding Hell

I’ve spent WAY to much time over the last few weeks waiting to talk to a doctor’s office (multiple ones, not just ONE provider). Every time, they begin the canned voice app by reassuring me that “Your call is VERY important to us”.


Today, I’m trying for the SECOND time to get a replacement prescription for glasses.

It’s a bloody clerical function. Relatively quick and easy, right?

Wrong. I haven’t even been given a call back.


And, that is the way it is in modern life. The competent office secretary has been replaced by:

  • Voice mail
  • Automated messages, many times that do not meet your specific problem
  • Promises that Electronic Patient Records would be THE BEST THING EVAH! Which, they have not been. They are error-filled, often not consulted before the patient turns up for the appointment, and serve the purposes of the billing insurances, and neither the medical people nor the patients.
  • When a problem happens, correcting it isn’t any specific person’s problem or job. So, the problem doesn’t get solved, it is likely to recur, and the fact that it is wasting both the doctor’s time and the patient’s is just unimportant.
  • Multiple people handle what ONE person did before, and less competently.

Is there a point to this rant? Other than releasing my ire?

Probably not. It’s not as though this will change anything.

The remaining days of my life are being wasted in this tripe.

I really do sound like a Curmudgeon.

5/30/2024 – 6:14 EST

I was weak last night – couldn’t manage to stay awake another minute, and went to bed without finishing this post.

I’ve been deliberately avoiding the coverage of the NY Trump trial. What little I’ve heard, bolsters my gut feeling that this is a rigged trial. The judge’s instructions, which included the bizarre instruction that, if a minority voted to convict on ANY of the charges that Trump was guilty of concealing or falsifying his records, the jury could COMBINE that minority vote with OTHER votes on different, similar charges, and thereby provide a “guilty” verdict, and justify conviction. And, not just JUSTIFY a conviction, but make it MANDATORY to convict, no matter what their other votes were.

In other words, the majority’s votes just counted for nothing.

How would it be possible for the judge to make it more difficult, if not IMPOSSIBLE, for Trump to walk free at the end of the “trial” – EVEN IF A MAJORITY OF THE JURY VOTED AGAINST CONVICTION.

Madness. Just Madness.

I don’t think there is a doubt that the Supreme Court (or the Leadership of it) has been ordered to ‘Stand Down’ and refuse to take Emergency Appeals. The goal is to toss the President into jail, with several and various outcomes to be hoped for:

  • Death, whether by “SUICIDE”, or mob action by prisoners guaranteed some benefit for being a part of that Hired Hit.
  • Incarceration without access to outside media.
  • “Accidental” death – “falling down”, infection with a deadly virus/bacteria, being pushed during a meal, and “Accidentally” dying of injuries during that fall (or, after, when the injuries can be added to).
  • Felony conviction, which The Left would argue renders Trump ineligible for any government office.
  • Abandonment by donors, political leadership (those that haven’t already left), political “allies” who see a chance for THEM to step into the breach, loss of money in more pointless trials.
  • And, last, should Trump walk free at the end of this, something that F. Lee Bailey once wrote comes to mind. Subsequent trials for persons acquitted in notorious proceedings almost ALWAYS end in conviction. Potential jurors think, “Well, he got away with it the FIRST time, but he must be guilty if they are still going after him.”

I am not hopeful for his chances.

Nonetheless, the fight for freedom is bigger than one man. The trial has hurt The Dems/Left with minorities. It’s possible that in winning, The Left may lose it all.

That is, unless the Anybody-But-Trump contingent prevails at the convention is nominating Yet Another RINO Loser (YARL). Never put naked ambition and cupidity out of question.