Just Taking a Road Test

Squirming around, finding a comfortable position for my seat in the blog.

It’s looking good. Of course, I’ve long used WordPress on Right As Usual and other blogs over the years (The Declination, for a time).

Let the following picture give you hope for the Not-Left’s success. And, more than a little fear that the American People let him get close enough to winning to be able to Cheat His Way In.

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    • pascal on January 26, 2021 at 3:30 PM

    ” the American People let him get close enough to winning.”
    I have to disagree both by example and reason and with courage.
    Robert Mugabe only left office by way of dying in his sleep. There was no way he came close the last 10 years. He got away with the massive thefts and world scrutiny because each stolen election was blessed by Jimmy Carter. Americans didn’t leave Biden a chance to get close. It matter not who votes, but who counts the votes and no higher court permitted a lower court allowing any evidence of fraud to be presented. When simply suggesting there was any fraud can cause the speaker harm you know how bad it is.

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