These Are Not the Actions of a Victorious Government

VoxDay has a point – why the worry about dissident thought/speech? Why are they cracking down, harder and harder?

Well, we KNOW why. It’s because the Reality is not the Leftist Message.

They are working overtime on forcing the Leftist ‘Pravda’ to be the ONLY permitted ‘Truth’. So, that does mean that we are winning Hearts and Minds.

Keep pushing. Keep that message in distribution:

  • By links to the original messages.
  • By emails/texts to your contacts.
  • By printing it out and stealthily placing it in communal places – coffee shops, bulletin boards, tables at work in the break room, at church, handing it out on the streets, if necessary.
  • Using the cheap DVDs/USB drives/other portable means to pass the messages along to others. What’s known as Sneakernet. Use door-to-door drop-offs at trusted neighbors/network contacts.
  • Use radio-nets – utilizing FRS, for which NO license is required, to move that message OUT. Set a changing channel, set a privacy code, and let ‘er rip. READ the message to a needy world.

When they are THAT afraid, it’s time to push back.