If This is True, Then Who Will Triumph?

Short Answer – Not Us

The Sultan Knish – Daniel Greenfield – has an essay that contrasts cultures by type, and seems to say that we are on the way out.

Civilizations are divided into three types:

  • Barbarian
  • Vigorous
  • Decadent

By his standards, we have moved beyond the Vigorous type, and ended up in the Decadent control type. By those definitions, he seems to see little but chaos and destruction of the remaining remnants of the Vigorous culture, until they are overwhelmed by the Barbarians again.

The question, for me, is who those Barbarians will be?

China doesn’t count as Barbarian – instead, they are more of a Technocratic and Decadent civilization.

The Euros? Pure Decadence.

Russia? Despite some elements of Barbarism, their society mostly functions as Decadent. They are more defensive of their territory than expansive.

Which leaves nearby Barbarians:

  • Blacks who already function in Barbarian mode (not all, or even most, of the group). This would be the gangs, who have no connections to any monetary part of The System, other than raiding it/stealing from it, and otherwise working around the fringes. They have been coddled/tolerated and used to keep others who might challenge State control powerless.
  • Foreigners
    • Mostly Hispanic – Mexican criminals near the border, immigrants who could be ‘persuaded’ to join, and home-grown gangs
    • Mid-East peoples, who already exist on the fringes of American life. They enforce marriages with other Tribal members, often importing brides/grooms into America. They run various scams (a little-acknowledged scam that is nearly all theirs is the various food stamp types, run by the small storeowners, who operate their stores as an employment agency for their non-citizen relatives, who provide cheap labor).
    • Indians/Pakistanis – one side effect of importing doctors and other medical people is that they bring in their business values. Scamming the government/other companies is not unknown in India, but held in check by the sure retribution of other Tribal groups. In America, it’s Open Season, hence the many Medicare/Medicaid scams, the pill mills, and other schemes that drain our Decadent Federal system.
  • And, lest I be misunderstood, the substantial number of White people who have adopted the culture of the underclass. The division that separates them is largely Christianity, but also could be described as Morality. That White guy who is living off the system, and taking no action to raise his own children right? He’s one of them. That guy who is wallowing in drug/alcohol addiction? Yep. That woman who is living off public money, raising kids with different (absent) fathers, and not making any efforts to change that? Yes. Not all poor people are Barbarians. But, all who won’t put the effort in to take care of their own self, without assistance/scams/crime, are.
    • If you are disabled, you’re not a automatically a Barbarian, despite your dependency on public assistance. But, you need to work – HARD – to keep from falling into that classification.

So, is there any hope that we could reclaim our country, and re-install a Vigorous Civilization?

Not a chance.

At this point, the best-case scenario is for families to circle the wagons, school/train their own children, and link up with others of the same mind outside of the cities. Let the cities (and the funding Federal Government) destroy themselves.

If your region/location is defensible, you MIGHT survive. If not, you will join the others who resisted the Barbarian Hordes. My son is planning a move, from the outer fringes of the city he lives in, to a location that provides the opportunity to buy some land, along with that house. By moving sooner, rather than later, he has time to network locally, lay in supplies, and outlast The Troubles.

It won’t come quickly – at first. Expect the Decadent government to throw out cash to calm the coming storm. That gives us some time.

But, not a lot. Don’t waste it trying to prop up a dying system.


  1. It’s a bleak vision, Linda…but I’m hard pressed to find any counter-evidence to it.

    One of the symptoms of a re-descent into barbarism is the emergent supremacy of the tribe over other units of organization. A particularist loyalty towards one’s own tribe maximizes survival chances in such circumstances. The implications for Americans’ future are two:

    1. Know your tribe, belong to it consciously, and work to increase and strengthen it.
    2. Treat with members of other tribes warily: not necessarily suspiciously, but in awareness that their loyalties and interests are not the same as yours.

    All else is folly.


    • Col. B. Bunny on January 31, 2021 at 1:11 PM

    Our decadence is defined by three things only:

     the claims, interests, habits, behavior, mores, and whims of foreigners and minorities, chiefly blacks, that act like kryptonite acted on Superman but with respect to politicians (esp. at the federal level), academics, people in the monopoly media, and large portions of the legal profession;  
    a lack of interest of the majority white population with respect to learning about our culture and heritage and a pathological feebleness when it comes to defending same;
     a total lack of interest in the experience of the world in the 20th century with totalitarian socialism, if not all history. 

    White people defend themselves physically at their peril, particularly when prosecutors are vengeful blacks.  And when they stand up to defend their own.  This speaks to the presence of committed revolutionaries in our midst besotted with their degrees and IQ scores itching to overturn what is workable with what sounds nice (to paraphrase Walter Williams, RIP).
    I do hold out one hope that this populism that has sprouted shoots since Tea Party and OWS appeared will prosper yet more and that we can do one thing — reverse the flow of power to the central government and to the rotten coastal urban enclaves.  As long as Fedzilla wields the enormous power that it does at best patriots can inflict pinpricks.  “Not no but hell no” will hopefully carry the baton much, much farther down the road than Trump ever could though much credit to him for his basic contribution of helping to wake the sleeping giant.

    • Linda Fox on February 1, 2021 at 9:24 AM

    Oh, I do think there is interest in White heritage – the family DNA results are showing us that there are a LOT of that type.
    Think of the festivals that used to be held in the summers – Irish and Scottish – and, in the other seasons, Italian, Greek, various Middle European, Germans (Oktoberfest), just to name a few. There is an interest, and I think it will increase, given the likely results of DNA reports. Overall, there are more of us majority White than assumed.

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