Newsmax joins the ranks of the toads.

Newsmax had Mike Lindell on recently and Lindell wanted to talk about election fraud. Newsmax’s Bob Sellers pulled out all the stops to shut him down with determined, relentless talking over him and revealing that Newsmax, quote unquote, has checked into this and found that there was no fraud. Yes, and the courts have all ruled against this absurd idea.

You have to marvel at the energetic performance of Sellers to shut down talk of election fraud. God bless Lindell for not having any of it and continuing to talk while Sellers was trying to get him to talk about butterflies and cute puppies. You can tell that there’s elite hysteria on this point when you see such disgraceful manners.

It’s bizarre too to see on Newsmax, which is supposedly one of the new Valhallas for refugees from Fox, pull out all the stops and abandon all semblance of courtesy or journalistic objectivity. Newsmax was in full sell, sell, sell mode. But maybe it’s not so bizarre if Sellers is right that Newsmax has gone full “see no evil.” Clearly Sellers was pushing the management line, even to the extent of walking away from the camera.

It’s getting so you can’t trust the media any more.

Watch this toad debase himself:

WOW Newsmax Anchor Walks Off Mid-Interview with Mike Lindell.” By Danielle D’Souza Gill, rumble, 2/2/21.

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    • Bob T. on February 3, 2021 at 7:19 PM

    I quit visiting the Newsmax website on a regular basis *years* ago, mostly because it was yet another iteration of the typical so-called “conservative” web site that bombards its would-be readers with relentless advertising.  To add insult to injury, the ads were obviously targeted toward (dare I say it?) people with two-digit IQs.   In other words, every bit as condescending as you would expect the coastal regions to be toward people in flyover country.

    Screw ’em.  Newsmax was one of the first outfits that forced me to start looking around for a decent ad-blocker, but they are hardly alone in this hall of shame, nor are they necessarily the worst offenders.

    Doesn’t surprise me their TV offering is every bit as disappointing.

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