The Scary Thing About This…

…is that the Jeffrey Tambour character doesn’t seem all that crazy anymore.

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    • George True on February 5, 2021 at 12:28 PM

    At first I thought you were referring to Jamal Tambor, the fictional US President in Matt Bracken’s ‘Enemies Foreign and Domestic’ trilogy.  Tambor is the fictional clone of Barack Obama – a true believer Marxist and Communist who, for political expediency, has always kept that part of his identity closely under wraps.
    While I would not quite put Joe Biden in the same die-hard Communist category as Obama, the puppet masters who are pulling Biden’s strings and who had the dozens of illegal executive orders pre-written are all perfect little Communists in the same true believer mold of Barack Obama aka Jamal Tambor.  In fact, as others have said, it may very well be Barack Obama/Valerie Jarrett pulling Biden’s strings.
    Because President Trump abdicated his oath and responsibility to protect and defend the Constitution in the aftermath of a clearly and blatantly stolen election, we are now under the boot of a regime that is totalitarian Communist in all but name only.  In his tragically misguided attempt to avoid violence, Trump has all but guaranteed that extreme violence will be the only means by which the American people might someday live in a free Republic again.  This is a tragedy so monumental that there are no words to adequately describe it.   

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