The Creeping Pace of Propaganda…

…is accelerating. When will the Official Loyalty Oaths commence?

From the Victory Girls blog.

Some of that – hell, a LOT of that – is driven by fear. Fear that the Progressive March Through the Institutions is not a Sure Thing. Fear that the Left’s hold on the Gears of Power is tenuous. Fear that they might actually have to work for a living again.

And, worst of all, fear that their OWN Conspiracy Theories have a basis in fact. They really DO think that Qanon is about to sweep through the GOP, like a raging infection, and drive them from power.

To believe that, the Left has to be on some serious drugs – or True Believers in their own B$. As most of them are no longer stumbling around in a confused haze (MOST of the time), I’d have to guess that they are dumb enough to be True Believers (hard as it is to think of people quite that stupid in semi-responsible positions).

Do I occasionally dip into the Q Stream? Guilty.

I also read the old Tom Clancy books, and a whole lot of other needs-a-suspension-of-belief-to-be-indulged-in entertainment.

Do I believe in Q’s complicated theories? No.

In real life, people are seldom that prescient, brave, or prepared to die. Given an opportunity, almost all will wimp out and take the solution that lets them live/take a lesser punishment. That’s the guiding principle of the prosecutorial deal system.

All those complicated plans, all those Deep Throat operatives – well, we’ve found them to be laughable, inadequate, and – given almost everyone’s willingness to deal, easily broken.

Unless the judges are first made corrupt.

Second piece of “news” – Time Magazine (gee, I remember when that periodical favored the Right) has come out with an admission that, yes, Big Business DID have its thumb on the scale for Biden-Harris and the Left-But-Not-The-BAD-Kind-of-Left.

As Sarah A. Hoyt says, This is My Surprised Face.

This could be one of the most fertile times for Dissident Literature. Not a lot of money in it, the possibility of being sent to the Gulag is always present, but – OMZ, the Glory!

Similar to being the Official Hated ‘Out’ Party. The Quislings, Wanna-Bes, and Will-Run-Screaming-at-the-First-Opportunity types will be shed. Only those who are willing to stand up in Hard Times will be left.

The Revolution to Restore the Republic cannot be a quick one. It takes a lot of time to get the essential core team honed through battle. If a person is gonna run screaming at the first shot, well, it’s better to know that than to remain ignorant of that fact until the need is critical and the Last Battle is being fought. So, no, I don’t think of the Cowardly GOP’s outing as a bad thing.

We may still use them, for OUR own good. We may put them in fake-influential positions, where they can be cut loose when the need arises. But, they should NEVER AGAIN be admitted to the Inner Circle. They should NEVER AGAIN be trusted with strategy, secrets, or the opportunity to get information that could be leaked. They should be treated with ‘respect’ and permitted to THINK they have our trust. They should be kept ignorant of the identity of any of the core people.

As a strategy, we NLDs (Non-Leftist Dissidents) need to begin looking at who the Core People will be. They should be content to remain in the background, near the officials in power, but not openly identified as such, themselves. In essence, they will be NLD Sleeper Operatives.

This will divide the Core Team into two parts – the Open Supporters, who should be media-savvy and photogenic, and the Sleepers – who need to be crafty, not personally ambitious, and willing to cede History’s adulation to the OS types. Think of Samuel Adams, whose work was core to the Revolution, and yet is best known for the beer named after him. Others were better known; he was the glue that held that fragile alliance together.

Getting back to overarching aims, I was thinking about how history was taught in school when I was young (I graduated in 1969 – no smutty jokes, please). Looking back at the relative importance of movements of the 18th century, as emphasized in the textbooks, I realized that the Progressive Movement was emphasized, rather than the Populist Movement.

I was blessed to have had elderly relations who had some personal knowledge of the events of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and could explain them in terms of the average person’s life.

If, instead, you depended on the Official Sources for information (such as, you might get the idea that Populism was the tool of vaguely Fascist/Right-Wing/Nefarious politicians, as the linked article suggests. How a site that claims to be dedicated to historical accuracy can ignore the Grange Movement, The People’s Party, and the Greenback Party – all grassroots-driven, popularly supported political initiatives – and instead focus on fringe politicians with popular appeal, is beyond me.

Funnily, these lists of organic uprisings dedicated to the interests of the average person never seem to include those popular-support causes that the Elite are involved in. That would be, because the Elite never get involved in causes that actually favor average people, instead preferring those activities that set Elite privilege in stone, with benefits to be doled out to their supporters in return for their fealty.

Actually caring about the interests of the average person?


Who cares what those pathetic people think?


Before I get suicidal, I’m going to leave you with one last link – this one from Ace of Spades. But, lest you also become miserable in despair, also check out this funny post from Weird Dave at Ace, and keep your hands off the knives in the kitchen.

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    • Suzanne on February 6, 2021 at 2:53 PM

    It was reported that Mayor Jon Albert of Orlando proclamation praised Trump’s accomplishments over his four years in office, and pointed out that he received 76% of the vote in Florida to change February from Martin Luther King Jr. Day, to Donald Trump Day instead.The vote came two weeks after Sabatini, R-Howey-in-the-Hills, proposed renaming U.S. Highway 27 in Florida the President Donald J. Trump Highway

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