The Sacrament Of The Hour

     For a long time, I’ve referred to abortion as “the sacrament of the Left.” Having an abortion, or having had one in the past, is one of the ways a woman establishes her bona fides as a trustworthy (?) leftist. (Men who are responsible for pregnancies terminated via abortion receive a “derived” form of credibility…as long as they never, ever say anything negative about “her” decision.) A woman who’s never had one is regarded far more warily by her leftist acquaintances. A woman who’s at all dubious about “a woman’s right to choose” is viewed as a vampire would view crucifixes and holy water.

     But there’s a problem before the Left. The percent of abortions being sought by older women is increasing, while the percent sought by younger women, including the unmarried, is declining. It seems that the decline American reproductive rates and the declines in premarital and extramarital sex are putting something of a squeeze on the Left’s recruiting. The future isn’t looking too bright.

     So a new sacrament is needed. And mirabile dictu! One has arisen just in the nick of time: Vaccination against the Wuhan Virus!

     We’ve spoken of the masking mania as virtue signaling, and it surely is. It’s well established that except for respirator masks that virtually no one is wearing, masking does nothing to impede the transmission of the Chinese Lung Rot virus or any other. But while wearing a mask does nothing to slow the spread of the Kung Flu, it signals that you care. You’re being socially responsible. Those you encounter can count on you to “come through” when it matters.

     Still, a great many people are getting very tired of masking. Increasing numbers of Americans are refusing to go along with the “mandates.” Ever more states and localities are separating themselves from the masking mania and declaring the whole thing a matter of individual choice…which it should have been from the start. So the virtue-signalers and loyalty assessors clearly need something new, and the vaccines have come along at just the right moment.

     So the Left will obviously regard an article like this one as a dagger to the heart. Wherever it appears, it will be condemned as the vilest sort of pro-illness slime. Thou shalt not denigrate our Sacrament! Legislators will be approached about what might be done to “limit its reach.” I’d be entirely unsurprised were YouTwitFace – that’s the YouTube / Twitter / Facebook conglomerate – to refuse to allow it to appear on their “platforms.” There may even be attempts to sue the author for libel. (Of whom? Don’t bother us with details, quibbler; we’re The Anointed and we make the rules here.)

     Spread it around, Gentle Readers. Please spread it around. Remember that the “medical establishment” condemned attempts to use hydroxychloroquine, zithromax, and ivermectin as anti-WuFlu treatments…and now the studies that refute their condemnations are multiplying like toadstools.

     We who blog may be the last defenses against the flood of disinformation by which the Left hopes to subjugate the country. Don’t let them get away with it. Hold your head high.

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  1. The fact that we, the blogging community (those who blog, and those who read us), are the last line of defense, means, of course, that we will have to be eliminated forewith.

    We who are about to be de-platformed salute you!

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