The 2nd Trial Will NOT be a Slam-Dunk

I remember reading F. Lee Bailey’s memoir (before he got old), and one of the first things he had to tell a guy – who’d quickly WON on a trial just a short time before – that the 2nd trial was NOT likely to favor him.

He pointed out that, during the 2nd trial, he would be facing people who truly believed that “he got away with it the first time, but this time he won’t be as lucky”. So, that’s an issue.

Also, the Dems have lumped together multiple charges (a practice that many DA’s do as a regular course of action). The thing is, when multiple charges are brought, the pro-not guilty crowd puts all their effort into winning on the big charges. In order to “give those voting for conviction something”, the jury often finds those guys guilty on a lesser charge.

Trump’s gotta beat ALL of the charges – and, given the squishiness of the Sorta-GOP, that’s looking less likely every day.

So, just don’t be surprised at any outcome.


  1. Trump was impeached on one charge.  Naturally this won’t matter to the democrats, or their bitches the republicans.
    I’ve started referring to them collectively as “the Gangster Party”.

    • Linda Fox on February 9, 2021 at 12:44 PM

    The Cosa Elitus

    • George True on February 9, 2021 at 2:06 PM

    Interesting and so very true regarding the second trial.  Case in point – OJ Simpson.  Did he get away with murder at his first trial in Los Angeles?  Almost certainly.  Did he get shafted beyond belief at his second trial in Nevada?  Absolutely without a doubt.
    What it came down to in that hotel room in Las Vegas was basically him stealing his own stuff back that had been stolen from him.  Even though a gun was brandished, just about anybody else with no prior criminal record would have likely received a minimal sentence, or possibly even probation.  But the prosecutors up-charged Simpson out the ying-yang, and the female ‘judge’ piled on with a sentence that was many times out of proportion to the actual crime.  Did he deserve it?  Probably.  But it still represented a travesty and a gross perversion of the so-called ‘justice’ system.

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