Where it All Started Falling Apart

This guy thinks that Sidney Powell is generally competent – and, she MAY be, although she didn’t appear to have her stuff together at her last few appearances. However, much of that could be explained by the information in this post, and the others that follow it.

Trump has faults, along with his virtues. One of his biggest is that he tends to keep those people close who have come through for him in the past, no matter how they are performing at present.

One such is Rudy Giuliani. Whatever his reputation in the past, he is past his sell-by date. And, if this guy’s information is to be relied upon, Rudy has developed a big drinking problem since his Glory Days.

Like I said, I really cannot vouch for the accuracy of this – but, given what I’ve seen so far, it rings true.

Trump needs an organizer around him, someone who can prioritize, crack the whip as needed, and have a clear picture of what needs to be done. Trump is out of his competency area at dealing with the Deep State – he’s generally run lean & mean companies, with minimal people at the executive level, and those tended to be home-grown, in his organization. Most others are sub-contractors, or temporary hires.

I’m not sure what skill set is needed for destruction of the Deep State, but I’m pretty sure that it needs to START with wholesale downsizing of departments, other than the core. People in other parts of the Executive Branch have to have a complete hiring freeze for at least 2 years after the purge starts, to keep the leeches from slithering into other parts of government, later to surface and destroy.

I wouldn’t volunteer for that job of dynamiting the crew out. I wouldn’t know how to circumvent the tenacious Leftists who would use every tactic at their disposal to keep sucking at the public tit.

So, what CAN be done?

Use the state powers of regulatory nullification, obstruction, and keeping the scoundrels out of the states. We have pretty good control at the state level already. Step up the level of non-cooperation with the Federal forces – particularly the regulatory – and begin the process of starvation of the Federal government.

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    • TRX on February 9, 2021 at 7:28 AM

     We have pretty good control at the state level already.

    Not anywhere that uses Dominion voting machines, or other hackable/programmable electronic systems.
    What you *can* do – and what I’m doing – is work toward going back to paper ballots, counted, and totaled in public with public oversight.  Like my county *used to* do, before we got Dominion machines. 
    And, wouldn’t you know it, after that the county swung from Republican to Democrat.  “Nothing to see here, move along.”

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